Monday, September 8, 2014

Pryor Campaign Explodes at Conservative War Chest Ad

Editor's Note (9/15/2014):  Due to an Arkansas storm,  Internet access was interrupted for a week.  This story posted retroactively to its correct time slot.

 Deputy Campaign Manager calls ad “absurd and indefensible”; Pryor’s record is indefensible. Smears Cotton as Pryor Poll Numbers Slip

WASHINGTON, DC – On Monday, U.S. Senator Mark Pryor’s (D-AR) Deputy Campaign Manager Eric Dorey responded angrily to a new ad from Conservative War Chest highlighting Pryor’s close ties to extremist, hard-left liberal activists. Dorey said the attack was “absurd,” yet failed to respond to a single question raised in the ad which has blanketed local news in the state.

Dorey’s statement to News Radio Little Rock KARN 102.9 FM:

That [ad] really speaks to the kind of company that Representative Cotton keeps and these shadowy, out-of-state interests spending all this money on just absurd and indefensible attacks against Sen. Pryor. I think Arkansasans are smarter than that and I think they’re going to see right through it.”

“All the heat and indignation from the Pryor campaign doesn’t address the questions we raise in our ad,” Mike Flynn, spokesman for Conservative War Chest said.  “Of course, the Pryor campaign tries to smear Rep. Cotton rather than address these important questions. “Rep. Cotton isn’t responsible for our ad.  Mark Pryor and his blind allegiance to Barack Obama, Harry Reid and extremist groups like Planned Parenthood is responsible for the ad.”

Flynn asked, “When will Pryor call on the national Democrat party to disassociate itself from radical groups like the ACLU, who want to strip churches of their tax-exempt status?  Why hasn’t Pryor condemned the IRS for targeting political opponents and inviting atheists to review church sermons?”

Mark Pryor never stood up and defended religious organizations being sued by the Obama Administration,” Flynn added. “Pryor was silent when Planned Parenthood outlined a radical pro-abortion agenda on the platform of the Democrat convention.

Flynn noted that Pryor’s reaction to the ad was correct in one respect. “We are from out-of-state,” Flynn said. “We live in Washington, so we see how Pryor acts when he is with his extreme liberal allies in DC.”

“In Washington,” Flynn said, “Pryor basks in the praise he gets from liberal activists. He refuses to speak out or oppose their radical agenda. In Washington, Pryor is a loyal foot soldier for the ‘Gang of 5’ liberals.

“Pryor won’t talk about that record,” Flynn said. “Our ad educates Arkansas voters about Pryor’s real record in Washington, not what he talks about in Arkansas.”

An NBC News poll released Sunday showed that Rep. Tom Cotton has opened a 5-point lead against Sen. Pryor in the critical Senate race. The poll was conducted after the CWC ad hit the airwaves in Arkansas.

Flynn said the bad poll numbers for Pryor will provoke more smears from the Pryor campaign. “Our ad has hit a nerve with the Pryor campaign,” Flynn said. “Unfortunately for Pryor, his record has hit a nerve with Arkansas voters.”

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