Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Pryor AWOL While Christians Politically Assaulted

 CWC Launches Radio Blitz; Reelection in Doubt as Voters Learn Record

WASHINGTON, DC – On Wednesday Conservative War Chest (CWC) announced a radio blitz and released its latest ad educating Arkansas voters about Sen. Mark Pryor’s extreme liberal record.

“Mark Pryor claims the Bible is his ‘North Star’ guiding his beliefs and record,” Mike Flynn, spokesman for CWC said. “But his political compass is really guided by Harry Reid and social extremists who underwrite his campaigns and are rewarded with his votes.”

“We’re releasing this ad in Arkansas,” Flynn noted, “because we trust the state and local media to ask Pryor the tough questions ignored by the national press.” Flynn said the national media has a double-standard, holding Republicans accountable for the views of their political allies but giving Democrats a pass. “Pryor relies on this double-standard,” Flynn says, “He’ll hold a Bible for the cameras, but it disappears when his social extremist allies come calling.”

The 60-second radio ad is airing this week and next week in major markets around the state. The ad targets listeners of political talk shows, country music stations and Christian radio, groups expected to heavily turn out in November.

“Christian voters especially need to learn the truth about Pryor’s record,” Flynn noted. “On several fronts their values are under direct assault by the Obama Administration and national Democrats, yet Sen. Pryor has been silent. He has been AWOL.”

The ad focusing on basic questions voters should ask Sen. Pryor:

1.    Why has he not called on national Democrats to dissociate themselves from Planned Parenthood, who wants abortion on demand? Why has he allowed the Obama Administration to sue religious organizations to enforce ObamaCare mandates?

2.    Why has Pryor not called on national Democrats to condemn the ACLU, who wants to scrub all mentions of God from the public square and attacks churches long-standing tax exemption?

3.    Why has Pryor been silent as social extremists and elite law firms have tried to throw out the will of the people on traditional marriage?

Flynn said that the recent attention on Pryor’s liberal record have had a dramatic impact on the race. “A recent NBC poll put Pryor’s opponent Rep. Tom Cotton ahead, outside the margin of error, in the race. Forecasting models by Washington Post, New York Times and political handicapper Nate Silver have all increased the odds Pryor’s defeat.”

Flynn said the bad poll numbers for Pryor will provoke more smears from the Pryor campaign. “With our ads, voters will be able to see past Pryor’s smears.” Flynn said. “After November 4th, Pryor will have lots of time to contemplate how he lost his way and perhaps find his ‘North Star’ again.”
Below is the text of the latest CWC ad:

The next time you see  Mark Pryor saying in his TV ad  how important his faith is to him – ask yourself this: Why won’t he speak out against the National Democratic Party’s ties to extremists groups like the ACLU which wants to remove mention of God from the public square and take away Church tax exemptions?

Why won’t mark Pryor call on the national Democratic Party to cut its ties to Planned Parenthood and its agenda of abortion on demand?

Or to the elitist law firms pushing federal judges to overrule Arkansas on traditional marriage.

Mark Pryor is afraid to stand up or speak out because he likes being popular with the social issue extremists and liberals in Washington -- they know they can count on his vote for bills like Obamacare and its persecutions of scriptural Christians.

The record shows Mark Pryor is more loyal to the extreme liberals in Washington than to his constituents in Arkansas.

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