Monday, September 29, 2014

Preventing EPA Overreach

U.S. Senator John Boozman: There is a reason Arkansas is nicknamed the Natural State. We are blessed with natural beauty and opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Using our natural resources is a way of life for Arkansans, and we need to preserve it for future generations. Arkansans have long been good stewards of our environment, because we understand our state’s agriculture, fishing, hunting and tourism are all dependent on our ability to care for our land and water

We all value clean water, clean air and green space, but we don’t need the government mandating how we do that. I’m concerned with EPA’s overreaching policies that tell Arkansans what we need to do to take care of our state. Our water, air and how we produce energy are all threatened by heavy-handed mandates. These lead to expensive permits, high costs and lost productivity. Hardworking Arkansas families are left to foot the bill.

  • Carbon Emissions - The EPA’s carbon emissions mandate targets our state for cuts stricter than 44 other states. Arkansas families will feel this when they pay their electric bills. The President himself acknowledged that these types of mandates will make the cost of electricity ‘necessarily sky-rocket.’
The issue of carbon emissions is front and center in Arkansas as our state leaders devise a plan to address these new federal mandates. I’ve heard from many residents concerned about this issue.
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More bureaucracy is not the answer. These mandates bypass the “checks and balances” of Congress and impose a harmful energy policy similar to what Congress already rejected. In addition to driving up the price of electricity, these mandates will send jobs overseas, and lead to the construction of foreign factories in places like China, which will emit far more carbon dioxide and pollution into the global atmosphere. That’s why I’ve been working to prevent its implementation and provide stakeholders with the time they need to weigh in. This is extremely complex. That’s why EPA extended the comment period. 
I support using our natural resources in all-of-the-above energy mix that includes renewables such as solar, wind, hydropower, and biomass along with reliable sources like coal, nuclear, and natural gas. Arkansans deserve a more reasonable energy plan, and I will support policies that protect our environment without driving up the electric bill for Arkansas families. 
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Quick Takes:

  • ISIL Threat to National Security: The President has been slow to act on the dangers this extremist group poses to our country. It’s clear these terrorists want to harm our country and American citizens at home and abroad. I support diplomatic efforts to build a coalition of allies to fight ISIL, and the larger strategy, to confront their barbaric actions that include beheading American journalists and executing Christians. I believe that we need a comprehensive plan to prevent U.S. citizens with these terrorist connections from carrying out terrorist attacks at home. In a letter to the Administration, several of my colleagues and I voiced our concern about these individuals and their potential to destroy our way of life. The Administration replied this week writing that’s its using every available means to ensure that our homeland remains safe from terrorist threats originating from U.S. passport holders or Visa Waiver Program countries.
  • Protecting Arkansas Grain Farmers: Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack approved an extension of the Commodity Credit Corp. loan repayment date for farmers impacted by the financial mismanagement of Turner Grain in Brinkley, Arkansas, at my urging to help these farmers who may be facing significant financial difficulties. This is why I helped introduce the Farmer Flexibility Act of 2014 to protect grain farmers from financial ruin if a seed producer defaults on a contract and fails to pay grain producers after taking possession of the grain.
  • Marshals Museum Groundbreaking: The U.S. Marshals Service celebrated its 225th anniversary on Wednesday and Fort Smith celebrated with the groundbreakingof the national museum dedicated to the work of this law enforcement agency. This groundbreaking serves as a milestone on the way to completion of the museum and a testament to work of the Marshals to bring law and order to this country as well as the people who have worked to make the dream of the U.S. Marshals Museum come true. Check out pictures from the event on my Facebook page.
  • Arkansas Adoption Angels: I was proud to honor Springdale’s Creekside Center for Women as a 2014 Angel in Adoption for its advocacy of adoption. We are fortunate to have this team of faith-based physicians in Arkansas. Click here to learn more about their work and Angels in Adoption.
  • Standing up for Small Businesses: The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the nation’s leading small business association, presented me with its ‘Guardian of Small Business’ award for my voting record on behalf of America’s small business owners in the 113th Congress. I appreciate this recognition and will continue to promote policies that support small business. I also accepted Competitive Enterprise Institute’s (CEI) “Champion of the Worker” award for a perfect voting record on key employment and workforce issues during the 113th Congress.

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Jeanette Mcdougal said...

I would like to see more vim and vigor in Boozman's advocacy FOR Arkansas and against EPA. Has he proposed a Bill to strip the EPA of it's power to legislate? If so, how's it going?

Writing an essay on the beauties of Arkansas is not enough. What is the phone number or email address for the EPA?

Bill Smith said... Contact info for EPA