Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Patrick Henry Hays is a 26-year Career Politician--Not a Job Creator

Little Rock, Ark — Patrick Henry Hays, candidate for U.S. Congress, launched a new television ad today touting his role as a 26-year career politician. Despite claims that Hays attracted businesses and created jobs, nothing could be further from the truth.

Hays’ Claim: We created “incentives to attract big companies.”

Truth: Hays supported at least twenty different tax increases, including four new sales tax increases, fourteen property tax increases, and two separate income tax increases. As mayor, government spending in North Little Rock increased 263%—from $15 million to $56 million since he assumed office.

Hays’ Claim: “We got rid of unnecessary regulations so it’s easier to move here.”

Truth: Hays has spent his entire career as an environmental activist traveling the world pushing for gasoline, utilities, and carbon taxes as well as costly federal energy mandates.  He described President Obama as his “star quarterback” in the fight against global warming.

Hays’ Claim: “We were able to attract lots of smaller companies.”

Truth: Hays expressed his “love” for North Little Rock’s “partnership with the Obama administration, HUD and the EPA."  A recent study by the National Association of Manufacturers concluded that the Obama administration’s most recent EPA carbon rule would cost Arkansas 10,000 jobs.

Patrick Henry Hays pushed through 20 tax increases, took 22 separate pay raises, and increased government spending by 263%.  Arkansans have a clear choice this fall between Patrick Henry Hays, a big government career politician who supports Obama's job-killing agenda, and French Hill, a job creator who will get our economy growing again, ” said Jack Sisson, campaign manager.

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