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Mike Ross Will Literally Say ANYTHING to Get Elected

  "If you find where I said that then I probably did, if you don't then I probably didn't." ~ Ross

Little Rock, Arkansas — Throughout his campaign, Mike Ross has proven he will literally say anything to get elected, and now there’s further proof. Today, the Republican Party of Arkansas released a link to the audio as well as excerpts from Mike Ross’s speech at the W. Harold Flowers Law Society on June 21, 2014.  RPA Chairman Doyle Webb issued the following statement:

“Mike Ross has proven that he will say anything to get elected, stop at nothing to distract Arkansans from the truth about his continued support of Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda, and that he will go to great lengths to hide what it is he is saying behind closed doors. Arkansans deserve the transparency that Ross claims to support, but the shocking hypocrisy in statements he makes when he thinks no one is listening makes it clear that Arkansans could never trust Ross to mean what he says.”Want to know exactly what Mike Ross says when he doesn’t think anyone is listening? Keep reading. [Listen to Full Recording HERE]

Who's Mike Ross running for again?
8/22/14 – KARK : "He has said that he is running to save the Democratic Party and that is about as partisan of a statement you can make," said Hutchinson.

"I've been talking 20 speeches a day for a year and a half, if you find where I said that then I probably did, if you don't then I probably didn't," said Ross.

Ross says he’s running to be governor for all Arkansans, but here he contradicts himself. And he clarifies the only reason he voted against Obamacare (only after he voted a more radical version of healthcare reform through committee) and has an A rating with the NRA is because he knew he couldn't win the governor's race without them. Listen for yourself.
  • [23:31 – 23:56] “I was named one of the most independent members of Congress when I was there.  I did have an A rating with the NRA.  I did vote against Obamacare. Uh, you know, I did.  And, and quite frankly, if I was any different on any of those three, I couldn’t be running for governor right now in this state, in this situation that we find ourselves in, or if I did, I’d just be spinning my wheels.  I’m trying to save our party.  That’s why I’m running.”
It looks like Mike Ross “probably did” say it after all.
Wonder how Mike Ross represented his constituents in Congress?
  • [23:57 – 24:49] “I think I’ve made it real clear where I stand on the, on the private option, and you gotta give me a little, uh, a little help here, because you – a lot of people think that I had this huge Democratic district when I was in Congress. My district had the same ranking as Michelle Bachman’s. You see who – everybody thought because I held it twelve years, they thought I had this big Democratic district.  It had the same ranking as Michelle Bachman’s, and guess who followed me?  Tom Cotton.  And so, you know, I had to have a balance while I was there to represent the interest of my district on some of the things so I could do what I thought was right on some of the, some of the bigger things."
Nice. Mike Ross takes a shot at Asa AND his wife, not to mention Asa’s positive campaign.
  • [27:04 – 27:27] “Asa spent $700 thousand just on feel good ads. They had that one where his wife was talking – I thought it was an e-Harmony ad the first time I saw it.  But he just spent $700 thousand on these feel good, on these feel good ads, and I wasn’t doing anything in the primary, and, you know, so it’s a product of whoever’s on TV the most is probably going to be up.  I am on TV now more than he is, so I’m probably up right now.”
Wait, Mike Ross took a shot at Asa’s WIFE? But didn’t Mike Ross say…
8/26/14 – The City Wire:“I would never attack Asa Hutchinson’s wife … and I received a text from Holly and she said she would never allow me to do that. I think that says a lot about the character of the people in this race,” Ross said.
I guess he’ll say anything to get elected.

Sure, Mike Ross is quick to distance himself from President Obama and Nancy Pelosi to the press...
8/30/14 – Politico: Asked about his thoughts on Obama, Ross was terse.
“I don’t have a relationship with him,” Ross said. “I’m a conservative, pro-business, pro-gun, God-fearing Arkansas Democrat.”
8/30/14 – Politico: “They’ve spent about $4 million trying to tie me to Nancy Pelosi… People in Arkansas are laughing at that,” he said
…But when it’s convenient… (more on his Pelosi relationship HERE and HERE )
  • [22:30 – 23:21] “The Republican Governors’ Association has been running a radio ad saying that I’m Obama, and, and, and – I call him President Obama, but that’s what they say, I’m Obama.  And they intended to run it only on white country radio stations around the state. Their ad buyer messed up, and they started running it with this deep, white man’s voice about Mike Ross is Obama on Power 92 and obviously we didn’t call and correct them. Um, so that might’ve been what you heard, I don’t know.  Look, now I’ve had a TV, I’ve had a TV ad that, that, uh, is not intended to distance myself from Obama or Pelosi but to explain to people I’m independent, um, and I’ve been very clear in every speech I’ve given, I’m proud to be the Democratic nominee for governnor…”
  • [26:02 – 26:07] “My pollster actually polls for President Obama. He’s one of the best in the country.”
  • [29:27 – 29:37] “We now have over 100 people on the ground in all 75 counties, uh, organizing and a lot of these are people that were working for President Obama in the swing states in 2012.”
  • [9:39 – 9:48] “I don’t quite understand what President Obama has to do with being the governor of Arkansas.  If he wants to stand up to President Obama, he ought to be running for president, the senate, or congress, in my opinion.”
Oh, and Mike Ross is fan of Harry Reid’s, too.

  • [30:11 – 30:30] “We are going to have the most aggressive outreach program that I think this state has ever had – at least I’m committed to it.  I know Senator Pryor’s committed to it, and Harry Reid is really committed to it.  If Pryor goes down, then we lose control of the Senate and Reid’s out, so.”
How does Mike Ross feel about Tort Reform?

  • [15:45 – 16:07] "I didn’t support tort reform when I was in Congress. Um, you know, if it comes up, it’s something I’d take a look at. I would listen to all the sides. I think the 7 thAmendment to the Constitution is very important, and I think that when people are wrong they should be – they should be, uh, properly, uh, taken care of."
So, what’s Mike Ross’s campaign strategy (besides saying whatever he can to get elected)?
  • [28:36 – 29:10] “I gotta really differentiate myself from Asa, because – and I think can do that with the private option, the minimum wage, and pre-K, among other things, but  I’ve gotta really differentiate myself, because basically people in Arkansas are pretty angry, and they’re saying that if there’s not a difference between the two, I’m going to vote Republican, and one of the reasons I think Pryor’s now doing better than Cotton is I think they’ve done a pretty good job at painting Cotton as the extremist, which I believe that he is.  And now we’re beginning to do that with – now that these primaries are over – we’re beginning to do that with Asa, and I think we’ll be successful in doing it, and I think we’ll win, but it’s going to be a very, very close…”
Interesting that Mike Ross is trying to “paint” Asa Hutchinson as an extremist, isn’t it? Isn’t Mike the one credited as the congressman “who got it done” in passing Obamacare?

8/1/09 – Politico: As Ross talked to a small group of reporters, Vermont Rep. Peter Welch came up behind the Arkansas Democrat and gave him a slap on the back after the vote, telling the assembled reporters, “This is the guy who got it done.”

Keep talking, Mike.
  • [29:10 – 29:15] “This is not the same state that Mike Beebe won in 2006 and 2010.”
Well, at least we agree on that.

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