Saturday, September 27, 2014

Loyal Obama Ally Pryor Considered For Attorney General

As his re-election prospects diminish, Washington Democrats float Pryor as replacement for Eric Holder

Little Rock, Arkansas — Sensing that his campaign for a third term is slipping away, Washington Democrats yesterday floated the idea of nominating Senator Mark Pryor to replace Attorney General Eric Holder in President Obama's cabinent.
Shortly after Holder announced his resignation, the Washington Examiner published an article titled, "Calls already for Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor for AG." The article noted that Cotton is favored to win the November contest for Senate and that key Democrats are urging the White House to consider Pryor to be Obama's top lawyer.
There's no doubt Pryor would be a perfect replacement for Holder as President Obama's right-hand man. In the Senate Pryor has voted over 90% of the time to rubber-stamp President Obama's policies. Not only has Pryor stood by Obama on key issues like healthcare, immigration, and spending, but he's also been a complete rubber-stamp of President Obama's judicial nominees, making him an perfect choice to continue Eric Holder's tenure as Attorney General.

Cotton spokesman David Ray said, "It's clear that Democrats don't like their chances in Arkansas this November, since they're already planning Senator Pryor's next job. We think Senator Pryor would fit in well in President Obama's cabinet, since he already agrees with the President over 90% of the time based on his voting record."

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