Tuesday, September 16, 2014

James Lee Witt’s Dishonest TV Ad

Katie Prill, NRCC Spokeswoman: James Lee Witt went up on TV today with an ad touting his work as the “Master of Disaster.” What Witt isn’t telling folks is that his own disaster relief firm milked Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

James Lee Witt’s firm’s initial estimate for their Katrina relief work was about $26 million dollars, but records show Witt ended up charging taxpayers $66 million.

In 2007, NBC News conducted an 8 month investigation into the performance and billing practices of Witt’s firm during their work following Katrina which raised serious questions about profiteering, cronyism, and possible falsification of records. For instance, the investigation showed that some of Witt’s charges were only loosely related to Katrina recovery operations like billing the state $550 for a brief CNN interview.

Is you plan on covering Witt’s new TV ad, please consider the following quote from the National Republican Congressional Committee:

“James Lee Witt had the audacity to swindle money out of Louisiana taxpayers after Hurricane Katrina. Witt went as far as double billing the state and possibly falsifying records to charge taxpayers $66 million. We simply can’t trust James Lee Witt in Congress.”

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