Thursday, September 18, 2014

In 2002 Mark Pryor Said Foreign Policy Very Important' But Now Rejects Topic in 2014 Election Debate

Bill Smith, Editors Note: I find it interesting that while Sen. Mark Pryor previously talked about Iraq in past debates, Rep. Tom Cotton served in both Iraq and Afghanistan as a Combat Infantry Officer with the Army 101st Airborne Division (2005–2009). No wonder Pryor does not want to debate foreign policy. Tom "walked the walk" while Mark Pryor only talked while supporting the failed policies and Harry Reid and Barrack Obama.
 Yesterday the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette revealed that "an email obtained by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette on Tuesday showed that Pryor's campaign had rejected the inclusion of foreign policy in the debate sponsored by the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce."

In 2002 (the last time Mark Pryor actually had to debate), Pryor stressed the importance of foreign policy decisions and the Senate's vote for military authorization in the Middle East. During an August 2002 debate, Pryor stressed: “Let me say this, Iraq is a very important foreign policy decision that this country has to make."  In an October 2002 debate Pryor said the vote to authorize military force in Iraq was “a very important issue, not just for America, but also for the world.” 
Twelve years later, Senator Pryor is sprinting away from any mention of foreign policy. Could it be because he's supported President Obama's policies 90 percent of the time? The latest WSJ/NBC Poll explains why Pryor would duck foreign policy discussions. President Obama's job approval rating on the issue has plummeted to an all-time low of 32% - dramatically worse than any of his other measures and far worse than a year ago (44%-48% in December ’13). Arkansans are feeling less safe by the day, and Mark Pryor's rubber stamp support for Obama's foreign policy is inexplicable back at home. 
"After stressing that matters of foreign policy were 'a very important issue' in 2002, Mark Pryor is terrified to discuss the topic after supporting President Obama's reckless agenda 90 percent of the time," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "Mark Pryor doesn't want to discuss foreign policy because he cannot explain to Arkansas voters why he's abandoned their concerns in favor of the Obama agenda. Voters want a credible and competent leader like Tom Cotton who understands the threats we face."  
VIDEO: In 2002, Pryor Said “Let Me Say This, Iraq Is A Very Important Foreign Policy Decision That This Country Has To Make. I think Saddam Hussein must go. Again, I think he is harboring terrorists, I think he is creating weapons of mass destruction, I think he has been horrible to his people, and let’s face it, Iraq is never going to progress under his leadership.” (Arkansas Senate Debate, KATV, 8/27/02)

VIDEO: In 2002, Pryor Said The Vote To Authorization Military Force In Iraq Was “A Very Important Issue, Not Just For America, But Also For The World.” PRYOR: Last week, the Senate voted on a very important war resolution about Iraq. I read that resolution. I support it. I support President Bush on terrorism. And I also understand that this is a very important issue, not just for America, but also for the world. (Arkansas Senate Debate, KARK, 10/14/02)

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