Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cotton Releases Web Ad Addressing "False" Ebola Ad By Pryor

How Stupid Can I Be?
 U.S. Senate candidate Tom Cotton released a new web ad this morning that hits back against Senator Mark Pryor's Ebola ad, which has been widely mocked and ridiculed since its release last week. The ad, appropriately titled "False,"uses clips from both Arkansas and national media outlets to point out the factual inaccuracies and desperate fear mongering in Senator Pryor's ad.

Cotton spokesman David Ray said: "Senator Pryor's outrageous Ebola ad is exactly what we've come to expect from lifetime politicians. Senator Pryor has been in Washington so long he can no longer tell the truth, which is why he's resorted to desperate scare tactics like this one. You would think after 12 years in Washington there would be something in Senator Pryor's record he would want o tell Arkansans about. Apparently there's nothing to talk about, so we get Ebola attack ads instead. Arkansas deserves better."

The new web ad can be viewed here:

Read the presses responses: Pryor Reaches New Low With Bogus Ebola Ad

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