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Cotton +5 Among Likely Voters | Pryor Falling In Polls When People Learn The Truth

Editor's Note (9/15/2014):  Due to an Arkansas storm,  Internet access was interrupted for a week.  This story posted retroactively to its correct time slot.

 NBC/Marist Poll First Conducted Since CONSERVATIVE WAR CHEST SPOT hit the Airwaves in AR, Big Move For Cotton

One pollster says "real impact right out of the gate"

WASHINGTON, DC – On Sunday, NBC News released its latest poll of the critical Senate race in Arkansas. The poll, conducted by NBC News partner Marist University, shows GOP Senate Candidate Rep. Tom Cotton opening a 5-point lead among likely voters over incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Pryor.

The poll was taken September 2-4, a time period overlapping the release of Conservative War Chest’s “Gang of 5—No Puppet Senators” ad, which details Sen. Pryor’s allegiance to hard-left, extreme liberals. The unconventional ad, airing in both 60-second and 2-minute versions attracted national and state media attention.

Doc Washburn, a top talk radio host in Little Rock, said on the air Thursday that the “really powerful” ad was “going absolutely viral” in the Razorback State. Washburn played the audio of CWC’s 2-minute ad twice during his drive-time radio show. Wasburn interviewed CWC about the ad and its potential to be a game-changer in the important Senate race.

Mike Flynn, spokesman for CWC, said during on interview on Washburn’s top rated show Thursday that the ad shows that, no matter what Pryor claims to voters in Arkansas, his record in Washington shows his complete loyalty to extreme liberal partisans like President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and hyper-liberal activists.

CWC’s media buy was specifically targeted to the state’s most engaged, and likely voters. The ad ran across all local evening newscasts and blanketed the Sunday public affairs shows in the state. The NBC poll does not reflect the full weight of CWC’s focused ad buy, it is important to note.

A top Republican pollster, commenting on the new poll, told CWC Sunday, “This shows real impact right out of the gate.”

“The ad and it's message received a in-state media coverage on top of the actual flight of spots,” the nationally recognized pollster, and advisor to CWC said. “It's message could clearly excite conservatives and win over independents to give Cotton the edge. "

Prior to the release of CWC’s ad, polling in the state showed Cotton with just a one-point lead in the contest. The RealClearPolitics average of polls on Labor Day showed Cotton leading Pryor by 1.3 points. The current 5-point lead is a significant shift in the race. The NBC poll also shows that negative views of Pryor have shifted 11 points since May. His net-favorables are now just +4, falling from +15 in May.

Pryor’s reelection strategy in Arkansas is to distance himself from the national Democrat party and liberal activists. He claims to be a moderate and even touts his Christian faith in his campaign ads. The CWC ad exposes the truth behind Pryor’s claim.

The Democrat party today is dependent on extreme liberals, the elite media and hard-left social activists who focus their efforts and millions of dollars smearing Republican and conservative candidates. The CWC strategy is to expose this and educate the public about the “Gang of 5” extremists behind politicians like Sen. Mark Pryor.

This strategy is working in Arkansas.

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Pryor is Obama's guy in Arkansas.