Thursday, September 4, 2014

Conservative War Chest Launches TV Ad Targeting Pryor

 Votes with Obama over 90% of the Time in Support of Extreme Left Wing Agenda

WASHINGTON, DC – A Super PAC team that won plaudits last year from national radio show host Rush Limbaugh and Wall Street Journal columnist  Kim Strassel  for “cracking the Democratic code”  in key political races is taking its TV strategy  into this year’s Senate races.

The Super PAC, called Conservative War Chest (CWC), will begin airing ads Tuesday against embattled U.S. Senator Mark Pryor (D-AR).  A 60-second spot and a groundbreaking 2-minute commercial will run on the 10pm news this week and blanket the Sunday morning political shows in the Little Rock and Fort Smith media markets.

Echoing the spots that many credit with making a key difference in the dramatic tightening of last year’s Virginia gubernatorial race, the new ads expose Democratic U.S. Senate candidates like Pryor who are allying themselves with a 'Gang of 5' of 'extremist liberals' who are trying to 'Detroit America' and ‘Hollywood our families and schools.’”  The ads also warn voters about the flood of smear and attack ads the Democrats and their hard-left liberal allies are about to unleash on Republican candidates.

“The Democrats were able in 2010 and 2012 to hold onto control of the US senate by pouring in millions in smear attacks against Republican candidates,” said Conservative War Chest spokesman Mike Flynn.  Our ads give voters the context and information to understand these attacks. The message is simple: these smears are being run by “extremist”  “liberal” and “elitist” groups to hide the voting record and real views of their allies like Pryor.  Our ads reveal the hidden agenda behind these smear ads and give voters the information they need to reject these attacks.”

View the 2-minute ad, “Gang of Five: Pryor” here: here or at
The spots accuse Pryor of being a “puppet senator” whose first loyalty is not to the people of Arkansas but to the ‘hidden agenda’ of liberal special interest groups that the conservative Super PAC calls “The Gang of 5.”

They are: (1) the extremist liberal leadership of the Democratic Party, (2) the elite media, (3) the smear groups organized by left wing billionaries, (4) Wall St liberals and cronies, and (5) the Hollywood partisans.

In talking about the group’s decision to do an unusual two-minute commercial, Flynn said, “Voters need to know that Pryor’s record is incredibly left-wing right across the board. So we don’t stick to just one or two issues.  Just like Ronald Reagan, we draw the liberal vs conservative contrast on economic, social and national security issues. We call that the Reagan Triad and our spots are based on it.  Pryor's voting record shows his constituents come in second to the liberal leadership of the Democratic party like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid and the rest of the Gang of 5.”

The Arkansas media buy is the first phase in Conservative War Chest’s plan to aggressively engage voters in this year’s midterm elections.

“Arkansas is just the first state,” Flynn said. “We plan to be active in 14-15 states this year. This is just the beginning of our conversation with voters and our plan to educate them about puppet Senators like Mark Pryor.”

Flynn urged voters to go the CWC website , where the organization also has a video on past efforts and a power point presentation on the strategy for this year.

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