Saturday, September 6, 2014

by Holly Wilson, RPA: We have officially kicked off the post-Labor Day height of the 2014 campaign season and the heat is on! There are just 59 more days until a Republican sweep and here are some of your latest updates.

Mike Ross will literally say ANYTHING to get elected. Throughout his campaign we have seen time and again that Ross will stop at nothing to mislead the voters of Arkansas about the truth of his continued support for Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda and to hide what it is he is saying behind closed doors. Now there is even further proof. The shocking hypocrisy in statements he makes when he thinks no one is listening makes it clear that Arkansans could never trust Ross to mean what he says. Read for yourself HERE.

Meanwhile, Asa has been consistently running a positive campaign with a plan for improving Arkansas. Watch his great new ad, Trusty Truck and if you haven’t seen Ella Beth, it’s a must see!

What will Mark Pryor say next?! Tom Cotton hates puppies, baseball, and apple pie…or so that’s what Pryor’s flailing campaign wants you to believe. Pryor’s latest bizarre attack ad accusing Tom Cotton of being pro-Ebola resembles a Saturday Night Live skit and has become a joke even amongst the most liberal media. The fact that Pryor clearly has nothing more substantive to say begs the question, what outrageous thing will Pryor say next?

Back in reality, Tom Cotton is talking about the need for leadership in his strong ad Urgent, and setting the record straight on Social Security in a series of three ads released this week.

Hays in Hot Water Democrat Patrick Hays’ newest ad already earned him this week’s Fictional Achievement Award for false claims regarding jobs he “attracted” to North Little Rock. Now it’s clear that he’s really gotten himself into even more of a sticky situation. Blue Bell Ice Cream, one of the companies featured in the ad, declined permission to be included, but were then shocked to see that Hays featured their company and logo anyway. This unauthorized use of someone else’s work is just further proof of Hays’ flawed judgment. He should take responsibility and remove this ad immediately.

Next Stop for Arkansas House Republicans. Members of the Arkansas House Republican Caucus have taken their “J.O.B.S.” plan to the streets. For several months, caucus members have been discussing their legislative agenda for the 2015 session, and now they want feedback from Arkansans before finalizing their priorities. They have been holding a series of Town Hall meetings throughout the State, bringing in some great feedback. Their next stop is Tuesday, September 9, in Yell County at the Chickalah Fire Department at 6:30 pm.

Have a great weekend!

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