Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Alert: Potential National Park Service Land Grab in Arkansas? (Buffalo National River)

HIGH ALERT for 1st and 3rd Congressional Districts: (This info released in August but not received by this site until yesterday)

by Secure Arkansas:   Elk damage to beautiful, serene, pre-Civil War historic yet still active cemetery in Newton County (near Harrison), Arkansas has resulted in a year-long standoff between the National Park Service (NPS) and Senators Boozman and Pryor, and Congressman Womack, leaving the Shaddox Cemetery Association hanging in fear of a federal government attempt to take or to close their cemetery.  If the government does this, it will be a shameful land grab.

What if YOUR family member were buried there?

Please read the Shaddox Cemetery Association’s appeal to our senators and congressman, and then print off & sign this form letter to Boozman, Pryor, and Womack to stop the unbelievable harrassment by federal agents against the sacred cemetery grounds.

You will want to scan and email the letter (after you’ve signed it) to the senators and congressman, or fax it OR mail it to them.  You may even call them and address your concerns.  We are asking our senators and congressmen to stand up to the National Park Service.  Could this problem be solved with the stroke of a pen?  Senators and Congressman, may the dead rest in peace?

If this is the proposed LAWFUL solution according to the Buffalo National River Enabling Legislation (Public Law 92-237, Statute 86 from 1972), why won’t Senators Boozman and Pryor, and 2rd Dist. Congressman Womack act on it?  Also, contact Congressman Rick Crawford - Dist. 1)

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