Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Former GOP Rep. Asa Hutchinson Responds To Former DEM Rep. Mike Ross

 Little Rock – Republican candidate for Governor, Asa Hutchinson released the following statement:“I’m glad longtime Democratic Congressman Mike Ross finally recognizes the need for tax relief in Arkansas.

Unfortunately his plan is just not serious. It has no specifics or time-frame for action.

Three months ago, I laid out a serious plan to begin reductions of our income tax rates in Arkansas. I gave a specific timeline and how I will lead as Governor. This is a clear difference in leadership.

My plan is specific and on day one we will have legislation for middle income tax relief in Arkansas.

While my plan focuses on competitive tax rates in Arkansas for job creation, the Ross plan is not a long-term solution for economic growth. Under Mike Ross, Arkansas will continue to have the highest income tax rate in the region. This is a fundamental difference in our vision for growing Arkansas’s economy and creating jobs.

Finally, Mike Ross needs to answer this question: What is his first priority? Is it the $40 million dollar tax relief that he promised to the manufacturers or the half a billion-dollar tax proposal made today?”
Asa Hutchinson is running as a Republican candidate for Governor of Arkansas. He has served as U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Arkansas, Congressman from the 3rd Congressional District, Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Agency and Under Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Asa has spent the majority of his career in the private sector as a small business owner, lawyer and entrepreneur. He and his wife Susan have been married for forty years and have four grown children and five grandchildren.

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Elizabeth Kelly said...

Congressman Asa Hutchinson was one of the greatest US Congressmen - ever! He will make a fantastic governor for Arkansas.