Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sterling Responds On Open Carry In Arkansas

AG Candidate David Sterling Responds to to AG Dustin McDaniel Anti-Open Carry Opinion
Little Rock, Ark. – Today, conservative attorney and Republican candidate for Attorney General David Sterling responded to AG Attorney General Dustin McDaniel recently opined that Act 746 Does not allow "open carry."

Our Second Amendment rights are under assault from an overreaching federal government. We face a hostile President and his liberal allies who will do everything in their power to further restrict the rights granted to us in the Second Amendment.

There’s no public office better equipped to defend our gun rights than the Office of Attorney General. This is one reason I decided to run for Arkansas Attorney General.

Today, I’m announcing formation of a Second Amendment Steering Committee. This committee will advise me on issues regarding protection of Arkansans’ gun rights during my campaign for the Republican nomination for Attorney General.

Everyone on this committee shares my concern that the Obama Administration is aggressively working to limit our right to keep and bear firearms. As a strong supporter of gun rights, I’ve sought out Arkansas leaders actively involved in the fight to protect and preserve our Second Amendment freedoms so they can advise me on gun-related issues in our campaign.

Members of my Second Amendment Steering Committee:
  • Representative Bob Ballinger: pro-Second Amendment legislative leader
  • Representative Charlotte Douglas: pro-gun leader in the legislature
  • Steve Jones: President, Arkansas Carry and concealed carry instructor
  • Nicholas Stehle: Board member, Arkansas Carry and concealed carry instructor
  • Thomas Tedder: Owner, Old Faithful Holsters
Attorney General Dustin McDaniel recently opined that Act 746 of this year’s legislative session does not permit open carry of firearms by law-abiding Arkansans. I disagree. My interpretation of this statute is that law-abiding Arkansans may legally carry handguns either openly or concealed on their person or in their automobile.

As your next Attorney General, I will fight to protect your constitutional right to keep and bear firearms.

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