Monday, August 19, 2013

Statement On Ethics Commission Fine Against State Senator Paul Bookout

Little Rock, Ark. - Today, former Prosecutor and Republican candidate for Attorney General Leslie Rutledge issued the following statement in response to news reports over the weekend and today about State senator Paul Bookout’s wide variety of campaign finance violations:

“First it was disgraced former State Treasurer Martha Shofner and her $6,000 pies, and the cash hidden in cigarette packs.  Today, it’s State Senator Paul Bookout and the $49,000 of campaign contributions spent filling his private bank account, and buying home theater equipment and women’s clothing,” said Rutledge.  “These blatant violations of the public and donors’ trust must stop.  This behavior does nothing but violate the confidence Arkansans’ have in their elected leaders and tarnishes the hard work of so many men and women who seek to selflessly serve this state. Candidates and elected officials shouldn't need a commission or a special committee looking over their shoulder to tell them what to do.  To me it’s pretty obvious that this behavior is 100% wrong.  Always has been.  Always will be. The people of Arkansas deserve better than cash delivered in pie boxes and thousands of dollars spent on home entertainment systems and women’s clothing from their elected officials.  I encourage the proper authorities to fully investigate questionable activities such as these whenever they occur – regardless of party or position.”

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