Monday, August 19, 2013

Pryor Runs From His Record; Pretends He Opposes Obama’s Agenda

LITTLE ROCK, AR – The Arkansas GOP is calling out Senator Mark Pryor today, after Pryor has begun an effort to distance himself from President Obama’s agenda – an agenda Pryor has embraced at nearly every turn over the last five years.

In an interview published today by Politico’s Manu Raju, Pryor said: “I think that President Obama has in some ways what you would think of as a hard-left agenda in various ways, and that agenda is not popular in our state,” Pryor said, riding in the backseat of an aide’s pickup. “And a lot of that agenda I don’t support.”

Doyle Webb, Chairman of the Arkansas GOP, said Pryor it attempting to re-write history for political expediency: “Mark Pryor says he doesn’t support a lot of the Obama agenda, despite the fact that he voted with Barack Obama 95% of the time. If you ask most folks, they don’t think that other 5% counts as ‘a lot.’”  

“I’m glad to see Senator Pryor finally admitting that President Obama has a hard-left agenda. The problem is, he’s supported that agenda almost every step of the way,” Webb said.  

It is notable that during the interview with Politico, although Pryor indicated he doesn’t support much of the Obama agenda, he was unable to outline significant areas where he disagreed with President Obama. Pryor did mention his opposition to a recent gun control package voted on by the U.S. Senate, but as Politico points out, that vote represents a significant departure from his previous record in the Senate, where he voted for a 10-year extension to the Feinstein “assault weapons” ban.

What is also notable is that during Pryor’s exercise to distance himself from President Obama, he has also fully embraced Obamacare, the President’s signature legislative proposal. Pryor even went as far as calling the law “an amazing success” in a recent interview. In recent days and weeks, Pryor has vigorously defended his support for Obamacare, despite all available public opinion data which shows the law to be vastly unpopular in the state.

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Larry J. Dayer said...

Pryor....votes 95% with the liberal/socialist agenda of Obama.