Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Pryor Puts Obama First Again: New Website Doubles Down on ObamaCare

"Pryor's bizarre website is an attack on the more than 60% of Arkansas voters who want ObamaCare dismantled."
Washington, D.C. - Yesterday, Mark Pryor's Democratic Party of Arkansas launched a website designed to attack Congressman Tom Cotton and praise President Barack Obama's agenda.  Among the items that jumped out on the site was a bizarre attack against Rep. Cotton for opposing ObamaCare and lambasting any efforts to dismantle the law that Pryor himself was the deciding vote on.  Public opinion polls show Arkansans are overwhelmingly opposed to the unpopular law and would like it repealed.

The new website comes on the heels of a new statewide Arkansas poll by Magellan Strategies BR that shows 60% of voters are less likely to support Pryor because he voted for ObamaCare.

The fact that Pryor (who just 37% of Arkansans believe deserves reelection) and his political team would continue to highlight his support of ObamaCare shows just how out of touch Senator Pryor is with Arkansas voters. But then again, Pryor also recently admitted that he believes Arkansas should elect a Senator who puts Obama first.

"In Arkansas, only Senator Mark Pryor and the LSU Tigers are as unpopular as ObamaCare - a law which he was the deciding vote for," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "It's astounding that Pryor is so out of touch that he would double down on his support for the deeply unpopular ObamaCare law, which is responsible for rising health care costs, more taxes, and a lower quality of care. Mark Pryor's bizarre website is an attack on the more than 60% of Arkansas voters who want ObamaCare. Mark Pryor is the most vulnerable Senator in America and the more that he keeps cheerleading for ObamaCare and opposing Arkansas families and workers, the more they look forward to replacing him."

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