Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pryor: ObamaCare has been an amazing success story

Yesterday, Mark Pryor declared that Tom Cotton is "carrying someone else's water."
Pryor and Cotton certainly are carrying water for different teams. The question is, who is Pryor carrying water for?
For the second time this week (keep in mind, it's only Wednesday), Mark Pryor touted his proud support of ObamaCare - President Obama's government health care overhaul which 60% of Arkansas voters oppose and are less likely to support Pryor because of his deciding vote.
Mark Pryor couldn't make it any more clear: He works for Obama's agenda - not Arkansans families and businesses who are struggling under the weight of his ObamaCare vote.
SHOT:  "[ObamaCare] has been an amazing success story so far." (Mark Pryor, 40/29 News, 8/6/2013)
CHASER:  "Baptist Health of Little Rock said Tuesday it is laying off 170 of its workers across its network...'We are undertaking a number of initiatives that will position our organization to address the challenges of health reform and severe federal budget cuts,' Lowman said in the statement. 'Baptist Health has worked to reduce non salary expenses, gain efficiencies in all aspects of operations through consolidation of services and simplification of processes.'" (Arkansas Business, Baptist Health Laying Off 170 Workers, 7/16/2013)
LEMON:  "...We could soon see more announcements like this." (KARK News, 7/16/2013)
OUR TAKE:  "Over the last week Mark Pryor has made two things clear: President Obama's agenda's comes first and he will vehemently defend ObamaCare which is already crippling Arkansan families and businesses due to rising health care costs, more taxes, and a lower quality of care," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "When 60% of Arkansans oppose a law that Mark Pryor has been bragging about for over four years, it's clear that Pryor has been promoted from the ObamaCare cheerleader, to the waterboy for President Obama's costly liberal agenda.  Mark Pryor is the most vulnerable Senator in America because he simply doesn't share the views and values of Arkansans."

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Debrah Donner said...

How can he even say such a thing? It's not been implemented yet! And the dread of it hitting has caused upheaval in the business and medical world. Senator Pryor, it's time for you to change your state of residence to one of the ultra liberal states, cause that's apparently your worldview!