Saturday, August 3, 2013

Mark Pryor Makes Clear: Obama Comes First

Off the Cuff Comments Will Haunt Embattled Senator
Mark Pryor is rattled over news that reveals just how vulnerable he is (AKA, the most unpopular Senator running for reelection).  Today, the embattled Pryor made comments that will no doubt haunt him for the rest of his campaign.  Pryor admitted that he believes Arkansas should elect a Senator who puts Obama first. 
"I hope Arkansas doesn't want to waste one of their two Senate seats," Pryor said. "You only get two, and I hope Arkansas doesn't waste one of its Senate seats just to send someone to Washington to oppose a president for two years." (Associated Press, 8/2/2013)
Opposing President Obama is equal to a "Waste of a Senate seat?" Mark Pryor's comments reveal that he is committed to seeing President Obama's liberal agenda fully implemented over the next two years. Perhaps if Arkansans would have had a Senator willing to oppose President Obama, ObamaCare would have never become law and they could count on their Senator to fight for Arkansas first. 
"Perhaps if Arkansans had a Senator who put their needs first and actually stood up to the President, ObamaCare would have never become law," said NRSC Press Secretary Brook Hougesen. "It's shocking that Mark Pryor would admit that by supporting him, voters can expect him to support President Obama's liberal agenda. It's no wonder that Arkansans have had enough of Pryor putting President Obama's agenda first and want someone new." 

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