Friday, August 9, 2013

Cotton for Senate Launches First Online Ad Proven Leadership.

Dardanelle, Arkansas – Today the Cotton for Senate campaign launched its first on-line ad

At a time when America and Arkansans are desperate for leaders, the ads focus on Tom Cotton’s proven leadership and his commitment to Arkansans. The ads highlight his small town American values and ask Arkansans to join him in his fight to bring more accountability and leadership to the United States Senate.
"It's time to say enough. Arkansans need a senator who will stand with them and stand up to President Barack Obama. We need a Senator who will say “no more,” to the crony capitalism, the giveaways, the reckless spending, the unfair taxes, the job-killing regulations, and the concentration of unaccountable, unconstitutional power in Washington. Arkansans need a Senator who won't just stand by and accept the status quo. I will be that Senator." - Congressman Tom Cotton
No funds were received to run this ad!

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