Sunday, August 18, 2013

Arkansas GOP Statement On Paul Bookout

LITTLE ROCK, AR – Following the ethics commission ruling today regarding State Senator Paul Bookout (D-21), the Republican Party of Arkansas has released the following statement:
“Today’s developments regarding Paul Bookout are shocking, alarming, and greatly disappointing. This represents a very serious breach of the public’s trust. It is sad that this type of behavior is all too common among Arkansas Democrats, who have controlled the state for the last 130 years. We hope that our state’s leaders and the justice system will hold Senator Bookout accountable, just as they have in the cases of Martha Shoffner and Hudson Hallum,” said David Ray, a spokesman for the Republican Party of Arkansas.
Earlier today, the Arkansas Ethics Commission fined Senator Bookout $8,000 for violating four state laws regarding campaign finance. Bookout has been the subject of scrutiny for months regarding his failure to itemize roughly $50,000 in campaign expenditures from the 2012 election, in which Bookout was unopposed.

News reports indicated that Bookout spent approximately $8,000 on a home entertainment system as well as approximately $5,000 at a women’s clothing store in Jonesboro. FOX16 in Little Rock reports that Bookout has said he will not step down from his post.

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