Monday, August 5, 2013

Arkansas GOP Chairman: “I’ll Stand With Reince Priebus To Block Unfair 2016 Debates”

RNC Chairman Has Put NBC and CNN on Notice

Little Rock, Ark. – On Monday, Arkansas GOP Chairman Doyle Webb said he supports RNC Chairman Reince Priebus’ decision to seek a binding vote to disallow the RNC from partnering with CNN or NBC unless they halt production of their miniseries and documentary aimed at promoting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s potential 2016 Presidential candidacy.

Webb said: “I applaud Reince Priebus’ leadership on this issue. It is clear that CNN and NBC are attempting to sway the opinions of voters by running puff-pieces about Hillary Clinton ahead of her likely 2016 presidential campaign. For that reason, I will vote to prevent the RNC from partnering with these networks on 2016 presidential primary debates unless they reconsider their decision to act as promoters for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. This is just the latest example of why the national news media has lost credibility with the American voter.”

Monday morning, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus sent letters to the Chairman of NBC Entertainment and the President of CNN Worldwide calling on their networks to cancel their attempts to influence Americans’ political decisions. Both networks are airing programing that promoted Hillary Clinton in the months ahead of her likely 2016 candidacy for President. NBC is currently planning a miniseries, and CNN is producing a documentary. Unless the networks cancel their decision, Chairman Priebus has promised to call for a binding vote at the RNC Summer Meeting (August 14) that would prohibit the party from partnering with CNN or NBC during the 2016 Presidential primary debates.

A link to the RNC’s press release can he found here. The letter from Chairman Priebus to NBC can be viewed here. The letter from Chairman Priebus to CNN can be viewed here.

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