Thursday, August 8, 2013

Arkansas GOP Asks: Does Ross Agree With Pryor That Obamacare Is “An Amazing Success”?

Little Rock, Ark. – One day after Senator Mark Pryor made news in an interview with 40/29 news in which he called Obamacare “an amazing success story,” the Chairman of the Arkansas GOP wants to know if the presumptive Democratic candidate for Governor agrees.

“It’s a simple question,” said Arkansas GOP Chairman Doyle Webb. “We’re asking Mike Ross whether or not he agrees with Senator Pryor’s assessment that Obamacare has been an amazing success story.”

The Republican Party of Arkansas believes that a major party candidate for the state’s highest office (such as Mike Ross) should have to clearly articulate his position on issues that significantly impact Arkansas, such as Obamacare.
Pryor Said That Obamacare Has Been “An Amazing Success Story.” (Rep. Tom Cotton Running for U.S. Senate, 40/29 News, 8/6/13)

Over 60% of Arkansans Say They Are “Less Likely” To Support Pryor Knowing He Voted For Obamacare. (Poll Conducted July 30-31, 3013 by Magellan Strategies BR)

Only 28% of Arkansans Of The Way President Obama Is Handling His Job As President. (Poll Conducted August 4-5, 3013 by Harper Polling)

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