Friday, March 1, 2013

"Only One" (AR-Sen)

Editor: When reading the comments below and while viewing the video, note that Sen. Mark Pryor did this in spite of the fact that in 2008 Arkansans voted 61.14% against Barack Obama and in 2012 Arkansas voted 63.12% against Barack Obama. Sen Pryor knows he is not following the will of the majority of Arkansans in advancing the progressive goals of the Obama administration. What are the payoffs anyway for Mark Pryor for voting the way he does against the majority will of the Arkansas voters? We were deceived by his shift in voting before the 2008 election. We cannot afford to be deceived again in 2014.

Club For Growth: He the only elected Arkansas official still in office who voted for Obamacare. The only one who voted for the Obama Stimulus, The only one who voted with Obama on the bailouts. Who is he? He is Senator Mark Pryor. He supposed to be our (Arkansas) senator, but Mark Pryor is really Barack Obama's best ally in Arkansas. When you vote for Pryor, you are vote for Barack Obama; it is that simple.

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