Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Comment on So-Called "Ethics Reform" - HJR 1009

Received the following from an Arkansas conservative Republican [Name known but withheld for this article] - Points well taken - talk about legislative distracting deceptive bait and switch arguments:
Well, here's what passes for "Ethics Reform" in our current legislature: 'We'll give up lobbyist dinners / drinks, tickets, and trips [ like traveling to Turkey sponsored by a designated global terrorist] but you have to give us 16 years in Little Rock'.

Just about every bit of this can be done without a Constitutional Amendment --- except for extending Term Limits. Sen. Warwick Sabin is a big "D", but there are plenty of Rs (e.g., Co Sponsor Senator Jon Woods) who support this in spite of our current RPA Platform supporting Term Limits in their current form. I have reminded Jon that the voters last turned back Legislative attempts to extend Term Limits by 70% - 30%.

Our guys forget how much open seats have helped us overcome the power of the incumbency. I hope you will pass this to your County Chairs/Clubs so they can let their legislators know their position.

These proposed Constitutional Amendments often fly under the radar thru the committee system and then are voted on in the last, fast and furious days of the session. The 1st you hear of them is when they are published in the paper before the election. The time to stop this is now!
Deception walks the halls of the Little Rock legislature!  Time for all Republicans to begin Verifying  their elected Republican's positions.  Also, how many constituents are receiving weekly or monthly updates from their elected official?  If you are, add a comment and brag on them, since most legislators (all parties) do not even bother to check in with their constituents or to seek their opinions.

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Jennifer said...

So they extended term limits by 2 years (from 14 to 16), but also provided Arkansans with the first ethics reform in years, and we're suppose to think that is a bad thing? Halting gifts and campaign donations from lobbyists to our elected officials, extending the time a legislator must wait before becoming a lobbyist, and forming a separate commission to determine the salaries of elected officials is much needed in this state!