Sunday, October 28, 2012

Arkansas: D+ - 44th In The Nation in Graduates Chance of Success

Democrat candidates across Arkansas are echoing Gov. Mike Beebe’s claim that Arkansas is fifth in the nation in education.  But is that an accurate report?

by Curtis Coleman: Education Week’s website recently ranked Arkansas 5th in the nation in education, but there’s an intense debate across the State over what that national ranking actually means.  A closer look at the report reveals that Arkansas schools got an A in “standards, assessments and accountability” and an A in “transitions and alignment”.

But in the more critical areas such as “Chance for Success, “ a measure of the ability of high school graduates to succeed in life, Arkansas got a D+, ranking 44th in the nation.  And in “K-12 Achievement”, Arkansas education got an F, ranking near the bottom of all states.

Standards and accountability are good things, but not nearly as critical as achievement or chance for success in life.

The facts are that nearly one half of all Arkansas high school graduates who are accepted into college must go through at least one remediation course in their freshman year of college.  And that doesn’t consider the high school graduates who don’t go to college nor the high school students who never graduate from high school.

Arkansas has great schoolteachers, but their hands are tied by bureaucrats demanding they spend hours proving they are complying with state and federal mandates that have little to do with teaching.

Now education administrators in the state are pressing state legislators for money.  But more money is clearly not the solution.  The District of Columbia is spending nearly $30,000 per student “in a district that has one of the lowest graduation rates in the nation and produces some of the country’s lowest achievement scores.”  But in the same school district, students who used a voucher to attend private school had a 91 percent graduation rate.

Arkansas can lead the nation in education! To do that, we must begin with one fundamental change:  Parents must once again have the opportunity to decide where their children go to school and what their children are taught….and then the money must follow the student.
Curtis Coleman is Chairman of The Institute for Constitutional Policy.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

General Assembly Completes 2012 Adequacy Study

Johnny Key
Arkansas State Senator Johnny Key, Capitol News: LITTLE ROCK – The Arkansas Senate and House Education Committees recommended an increase in public school funding of between 1.8 percent and 2.5 percent, which would be sufficient for school districts to provide a constitutionally adequate education to Arkansas students.

The legislature will use the recommendation when writing budgets for the next two fiscal years. Based on the experience of the past few years, schools can expect an increase of close to 2 percent. A 1.8 percent increase would amount to $56.6 million. A 2.5 percent increase would be $78.4 million.

To determine how much state funding is needed to adequately fund public education, legislative staff gathered information from all 239 school superintendents in Arkansas. They also interviewed 74 principals, chosen at random. Also, they used data from the state Education Department, from other states and from national organizations.

The Arkansas Constitution requires the state to provide a “general, suitable and efficient system of free public schools.” Several state Supreme Court rulings have clarified the extent of that constitutional provision. The most recent, and one of the most far-reaching, was the Supreme Court’s ruling in the Lake View school funding case. It lasted 15 years and prompted the legislature to adopt more rigorous education standards and to greatly increase funding of schools. In 2007 the court ruled that the Arkansas system of public education was constitutional.

One of the state’s continuing obligations is to maintain adequate school funding, and to determine a level of adequate funding based on evidence.

The Supreme Court ruling in the Lake View case made it clear that the legislature may not fund schools depending on how much state revenue is available, or how much revenue is remaining after other services have been funded. Education has top priority in state funding.

Legislators must rely on evidence to set adequate funding levels, and then they must provide that amount of funding. In the event that cuts to the state’s balanced budget are necessary, due to economic downturns, those cuts must come from other areas in state government such as prisons and human services.

The main source of school funding is “foundation funding,” which is distributed on a per pupil basis. This school year school districts get $6,267 per student.

There are four other main categories of funding, and school districts receive bonus funding for each student a) who requires an alternative learning environment, b) who must learn English as a foreign language and c) whose family has low income. The fourth category is for professional development of teachers and classified personnel. When educators and lawmakers discuss “categorical funding,” they are referring to those funding categories.

The increases in school funding recommended by the Education Committees will come partly from state general revenue, which is generated by state sales and income taxes. It also will come from growth in local property taxes, referred to as URT, for Uniform Rate of Tax.

Members of the Education Committees expressed interest in looking into the finances of school districts that have accumulated large funding balances, especially when those balances result from not spending all their categorical funding each year.

Legislators have heard from superintendents on the lack of bandwidth, a need which is getting more urgent as schools add computers. Also, some districts would like additional transportation funding to be included in the pool of adequacy funding.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Scott Ellington: Off His Game And Out-Of-Touch With Arkansas

Little Rock, Ark. – First Congressional District Democratic Candidate Scott Ellington told voters at a debate in Jonesboro last night that a balanced budget amendment wasn’t a necessity, “isn’t practical” and will harm Congress’ budgeting process.

Scott Ellington“Democrat Scott Ellington is so out-of-touch that he’s asking Arkansas voters to send him to Washington to support the President’s failed economic policies which have produced trillions of dollars in new debt,” said Republican Party of Arkansas Communications Director Katherine Vasilos. “Our economy is struggling under the weight of an over $16 trillion and growing national debt, and Scott Ellington wants to continue what President Obama failed to do which is cut spending and put our nation on a path to a balanced budget.

“No wonder Ellington thought he was off his game at last night’s debate, he has no idea what Arkansans want. On November 6, we look forward to re-electing Republican Congressman Rick Crawford who is committed to cutting the deficit and putting America on a track to a balanced budget.”

Ellington To Arkansans: No Balanced Budget
 “‘I don’t think there’s a necessity to have a balanced budget at this time, as much as there is to reign in some spending and have some actual self-control on the part of Congress,’ Ellington said.” (Waylon Harris, “Crawford, Ellington meet in only debate,” Jonesboro Sun, 10/26/12)
“‘A balanced-budget amendment isn’t practical, Ellington said, adding that it would only slow the budgeting process.’” (Charlie Frago, “U.S. debt pounded on in debate,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/26/12)

Ellington Admits He’s Off His Game, Lost Debate
“After the debate, Ellington said Crawford beat him. ‘I felt like I wasn’t on my game,’ Ellington said.” (Charlie Frago, “U.S. debt pounded on in debate,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 10/26/12)

National Debt Surpasses $16 Trillion
Current National Debt ($ 16,161,879,857,156). (U.S. Treasury Department , Accessed 10/8/12)

$5.5 Trillion In New Debt Since Obama Took Office
$5.5 Trillion Added To The National Debt Since Obama Took Office. (U.S. Treasury Department, Accessed 10/8/12)

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Rep Rick Crawford, AR-01: Halloween is almost here, but my new ad is not about ghosts and goblins. It focuses on the frightening growth of the federal government and its ever-increasing reach into regulating every aspect of our lives and businesses.

As your Congressman I am standing up to President Obama's push for bigger government and fighting to:
  • Repeal ObamaCare
  • Stop the EPA’s continuing grab for more regulatory power
  • Pass a bipartisan Farm Bill
  • And support small businesses by reining in overly burdensome regulations.
This new ad sums up well what my priorities will be if elected to a second term in Congress: create an environment that allows our small businesses to grow and create new jobs, without the over-reach of the federal government.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Your Tax Dollars Paying Communist to Speak at UALR?

At the top of the list of rights that Americans will fight to keep is the guarantee of free speech.  “Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech” reads the First Amendment.  But if your tax dollars are being used to pay someone to advocate ideas that are not American, is that speech really “free”?
by Curtis Coleman: Former member of the Black Panther party and current communist professor at the University of California’s Santa Cruz campus Angela Davis will be speaking at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock on Thursday of this week.  She is believed to have provided an arsenal of weapons to Black Panthers who used them to kill a California county judge.

Fighting for my rights as an American demands that I also fight for the rights of other Americans with whom I disagree.  And I will fight for Ms. Davis’ freedom of speech. But there are some serious questions about who’s paying Ms. Davis to speak at UALR and if some of those monies are your tax dollars.  Ms. Davis’ speaking fees reportedly range from $10,000-$20,000 per appearance.  Here’s the list of who’s paying her to speak at UALR:
English Department – William G. Cooper, Jr. – $4,000
Office of Campus Life – $2,000
Institute on Race and Ethnicity – $2,000
The Central Arkansas Library System – $1,000
Philander Smith College – $1,000
The Dept. of Arkansas Heritage – $500
UALR College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Science - $500
UALR Donaghey Scholars Program - $500
UALR Graduate School - $500
UALR Office of the Provost - $500
We should recognize some of our tax dollars being spent for Ms. Davis’ appearance.  And we should be asking if that’s the kind of “free” speech we want to be paying for.
Curtis Coleman is Chairman of The Institute for Constitutional Policy.

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Let’s Keep Our Focus On Jobs

Senator John Boozman (AR): Election Day is near. While the focus of this past Monday night's final debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama was the very important issue of foreign policy, we must remember our number one priority--creating new, permanent jobs across the nation.

As I travel around Arkansas, people want to know one thing: “Where are the jobs?” Voters I speak with want to know what policies we are putting in place to create jobs and what we are doing to prevent our economy from falling back into recession.

That’s why fostering an environment where our job creators can thrive is critical.

My approach for creating new, permanent jobs includes:

• Real tax reform that reduces the tax burden of hardworking Arkansans while ensuring our economy grows.

• Reining in the wasteful spending favored by President Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

• Repealing Obamacare.

• Regulatory reform to roll back the Obama Administration's excessive job-stifling mandates and prevent bad ideas like the cap-and-trade and card check from becoming law.

• A new "all-of-the-above" energy policy that prioritizes domestic production of our oil and natural gas resources over dependence on foreign sources of energy.

• Opening new markets for Arkansas businesses by passing free trade agreements that increase our exports and create jobs at here at home.

These are all commonsense ideas that should have widespread support in Congress. I firmly believe that if given the right tools and circumstances, Americans can and will create good paying jobs for the people of Arkansas and our nation.

I’d love your feedback. So, please consider leaving me a comment on my website.

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In God We Trust

GOPArkansas “This is a clear example of how out-of-touch the Democratic Party is with Arkansas values and why conservatives are finding a new home in the Republican Party,” said State GOP Chairman Doyle Webb. “We’re hearing now more than ever from voters who say, ‘the Democratic Party left me, I didn’t leave the Democratic Party,’ and this is a prime example of why Arkansans will elect a new Republican majority in the state Legislature and send Mitt Romney to the White House in November.”

The 60-second radio ad is playing statewide in all four congressional districts from now until Election Day.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Vote Early, Vote Republican!

: Chairman Doyle Webb goes on location to an early voting site in Pulaski County to encourage Arkansans to vote early and vote Republican!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Barack Obama’s DC Hit Team Takes Aim At Legislative Races

Democratic Party Forks Out Nearly Half A Million To Falsely Trash Candidates

Little Rock, Ark. – Arkansas Democrats ordered a round of attacks to hit mailboxes this week trashing Republican legislative candidates and containing blatant falsehoods. The mailers were paid for by the DLCC (Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee) which has received hundreds of thousands in transfer of funds from the Democratic Party of Arkansas (DPA). These are the same funds from Gov. Mike Beebe’s nearly $900,000 contribution last year to the DPA.

“Barack Obama’s DC hit team is churning out phony attacks to protect state Democrats who are more interested in holding onto 138 years of one-party rule than working to create a better future for hardworking Arkansans,” said Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb. “It’s sad that Arkansas Democrats are so desperate that they paid out-of-state partisan groups to distort the facts, deceive voters and duck from the real issues of this campaign.”

In response, the Republican Party has established a toll-free hotline for Arkansans to report any questionable attacks from the DLCC or DPA. The hotline number is 1-800-376-4467.

“The party is proud to be running a campaign centered on issues, not false personal attacks,” Webb said. “If Arkansas Democrats were as motivated to build up our economy as they are in tearing down their opponents, our state might be in much better shape. We are encouraging every Arkansan who receives a questionable mailer or hears a dishonest ad to call our hotline and make a report.”

DPA Spends Nearly 300,000 on Opposition Research

“The bulk of the spending from the DPA has not been on polling, but on opposition research.  Their reports show they have spent close to $200,000 (that we know of) on a hard-hitting D.C. researcher named Alan Reger – who wants to bring his hardball style of Washington politics to Arkansas.” (Jason Tolbert, “Brace Yourselves For The Coming Oppo Storm,” The Tolbert Report , 9/30/12)

“In addition to the funds spent on Reger, the DPA has also spent close to $70,000 in the past year on consulting fees to his political ally Zac Wright of Wright Strategies, who knows the Arkansas landscape and can help shape the oppo data into the most effective message for the state Democratic candidates.” (Jason Tolbert, “Brace Yourselves For The Coming Oppo Storm,” The Tolbert Report , 9/30/12)

Democrats Fork Over $200,000 To Obama DC Hit Team

“The DPA has also given $200,000 to the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) – a national group that assists Democratic state legislative candidates with items such as opposition research. And the DLCC filed the paperwork for a state PAC this past week. (Jason Tolbert, “Brace Yourselves For The Coming Oppo Storm,” The Tolbert Report , 9/30/12)

Beebe Donates Nearly $900,000 To DPA

“Gov. Mike Beebe raised more than $5 million in his successful run for re-election this year and the Democratic incumbent donated more than $881,000 of leftover campaign cash to the state Democratic Party, campaign finance records show.” (“Beebe donates $881,000 in leftover campaign cash to Democrats,” Arkansas News Bureau , 1/3/11)

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

GOPAC Endorses Arkansas Republicans

GOP Arkansas: Today, the state Republican Party hosted a press conference Wednesday with GOPAC President David Avella. GOPAC is a nationally renowned organization that supports good conservative government and is dedicated to the election of Republican. It has been active in Arkansas at the state and local levels for decades. In 2010, 84 percent of their endorsed-candidates were successful.

President Avella endorsed six Republicans running for the Arkansas Legislature and presented each with a check for $2000. The six endorsed Republicans candidates were: Rep. Linda Collins-Smith - Senate Dist 19, Rep. Jane English - Senate Dist 34, Sen. Jason Rapert - Senate Dist 35, Rep. Allen Kerr - House Dist 32, Mary Bentley - House Dist 73, and Bill Gossage - House Dist 82.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

State GOP Announces Election Night Watch Party

Little Rock, Ark. – The state Republican Party today announced it will hold a “Countdown to Victory” election night watch party at the Embassy Suites in West Little Rock.

“This will be a historic night as we elect Republicans across the state and take the majority in the state Legislature for the first time in 138 years,” said Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb.

The watch party will begin at 7:00 p.m. Second District Congressman Tim Griffin, local legislative candidates and Republican officials from across Arkansas will be in attendance. The watch party is open to the public and admission is free.

Guests may RSVP online at

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Arkansas's Freedom Scorecard

Dan Greenberg, Advance Arkansas Institute: Today, we release Arkansas’s Freedom Scorecard. The Scorecard provides numerical ratings to each Arkansas legislator in the 88th General Assembly based on votes in six categories: economic freedom, education reform, good government, personal liberty, small government, and tax/budget policy.

The Scorecard also designates approximately the top quarter of legislators in both chambers, as measured by their overall score, as “Friends of Freedom.” We congratulate Rep. Duncan Baird and Rep. Charlie Collins, who tied for the top score in House, as well as Sen. Gilbert Baker, the top scorer in the Senate. (The scores in the two different chambers are not meaningfully comparable against one another.)

The report is not an effort to endorse or condemn any legislator, but to show the public how legislators voted on the values that the Institute seeks to advance. Our ratings demonstrate how the voting records of some legislators advanced freedom and good government, while the votes of others stood in the way of writing those values into law.

The guide does not attempt to label any legislative outcome as “good” or “bad,” but simply measures how well each legislator's voting record reflects the values of free markets, lower taxes, individual responsibility, and limited, transparent, and efficient government. Each reader of the report can decide how important these values are for himself or herself.

To see who's a "Friend of Freedom"; to compare several legislators against each other; to see how your legislator did; or to read information about individual voting records, see the full report [pdf].
Dan Greenberg is President of the Advance Arkansas Institute.

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Arkansas: Need a Job? Get a License

Most Arkansans know we generally don’t have the welcome mat out for business in Arkansas, and they know we don’t have a pro-business state government.  But they may not know how unfriendly to business Arkansas government actually is.

Curtis Coleman: With a few notable exceptions – and those mainly Arkansas entrepreneurs who start businesses in Arkansas just because Arkansas is their home – Arkansas is not a business and jobs magnet.

That Arkansas does not have a business-friendly government is demonstrated in often almost invisible ways.  For instance, according to a report from the Institute for Justice, “Arkansas is the fifth most broadly and onerously licensed state in the country. One needs a license to practice 52 of the 102 low- and moderate-income occupations studied — more than all but 10 other states. The barriers to entering these occupations are significant — the second most burdensome of all the states — and combine with the large number of licensed occupations to place Arkansas in the top tier of most broadly and onerously licensed states” in the Nation.

The construction trades are hit especially hard in Arkansas.  For instance, many workers in other states are required to undergo, on average, not more than 507 days of training to get a construction job.  In Arkansas, that can be as long as five years!

“Arkansas licenses a number of occupations that few other states do, such as funeral attendants, psychiatric technicians and residential dry wall installers. And many occupations are subject to entry restrictions that exceed national averages.” For instance, fire alarm installers lose 1,095 days to education and experience requirements, more than twice as long as the national average.

So while Arkansans need jobs, the State of Arkansas makes it pretty hard to go to work here.  The good news?  We can change that!
Curtis Coleman is Chairman of The Institute for Constitutional Policy.

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Turning Around the Declining Job Growth in Arkansas

A recent report on the economy of Arkansas shows exactly what many Arkansans already knew…a declining job growth for Arkansas.  But it can be turned around.

Curtis Coleman In a recent report, “the Creighton Economic Forecasting Group projects declining job growth for Arkansas throughout 2012.”  “Job growth in the state has slipped over the past several months,” said economics professor Ernie Goss. “Our recent surveys indicate that the Arkansas job growth will continue to decline for the final quarter of the year with no new net job gain.”

That’s not exactly news to most Arkansans who are still wondering where those 25,000 new jobs are that Gov. Mike Beebe has been boasting about.

It’s not good news, but it can be turned around.  The solutions are not complex, but they’re not easy either.

It will have to begin with the creation of a pro-business state government in Arkansas. That won’t be easy because the big government politicians of the past have been furiously building a dependency on government that will be difficult to change.

Arkansas doesn’t have a pro-business state government – yet. Our tax code doesn’t compete well with any of our neighboring states.  That’s one of the reasons why in 2011, Oklahoma’s economy grew at three times the rate of Arkansas’s, Tennessee’s grew at six times and Texas’s economy grew at ten times the rate of Arkansas’s.

In some ways, we have accepted this poor performance as our fate as Arkansans. Not only is that ridiculous, that’s a lie that’s been perpetrated on us too long by too many politicians who have been more interested in their personal power than in your personal prosperity.

The fact is, Arkansas can be and should be one of the most prosperous states in the Nation.  And we have a chance to start moving the state in that direction on November 6.
Curtis Coleman is Chairman of The Institute for Constitutional Policy.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Natural Gas in Arkansas

Lt. Gov. Mark Darr
by Arkansas Lt. Gov. Mark Darr: With gas prices rising and economic demand growing, energy is a constant topic of discussion in this country. How we fuel our cars and power our homes and businesses is something we take for granted, but to keep the car running and keep the lights on is no easy feat.

Extracting oil and gas and processing and refining it into different products and transporting it and getting it to consumers involves a massive network of people and equipment and logistics. But every step in the process means someone is needed to do a job. It is an incredibly valuable segment of our economy.

Earlier this year, the Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville released an updated report on the economic impact of the natural gas industry in the Fayetteville Shale. The numbers are staggering.

From 2001 to 2010, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction jobs grew nearly 117% and accounted for 65% of total employment growth in Arkansas.

The average pay in the oil and gas industry in 2010 was almost $75,000, twice the average pay of all other industries in Arkansas.

From 2008 to 2011, $1.2 billion in mineral lease and royalty payments went to Arkansans in all 75 counties.

All total, economic activity resulting from the Fayetteville Shale generated $18.5 billion from 2008 to 2011 – over $4 billion more than had been projected. This activity yielded $109 million in property tax revenue and $2 billion in state and local tax revenues.

In 2012, over 16,000 people are employed in this industry in our state. But not only is this industry providing jobs, it’s providing needed energy for our homes and businesses and is a strategic asset for the United States.

I’m proud that Arkansas is an energy-producing state. I want us to be known far and wide as an energy-producing state. We need to be “the” location for companies to grow and expand. I hope that in the next legislative session that legislators review the business climate for this and other industries in our state. Geologists and engineers continue to make discoveries and develop new technologies to tap our abundant energy resources. We’re going to be dependent on these resources for a long time to come. It’s imperative that we create an energy-friendly business climate in Arkansas.

Education is important as well. Companies are always looking for knowledgeable, trained workers. Schools like the University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton and Arkansas State University at Beebe have petroleum technology programs specifically designed to train people going into oil and gas exploration. These kind of programs are vital to the continued success of this industry in our state.

Energy means jobs. Jobs mean people have a way to support their families and improve their way of life. And, no matter where these jobs are created in Arkansas, we all benefit.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Hunting For Votes, Huckabee and Obamacare

GOPArkansas: This week, Chairman Doyle Webb talks about the importance of registering to vote, Gov. Mike Beebe's partisan swing at conservative lawmakers who oppose Obamacare and our upcoming event with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee will headline a pre-election rally for the state Republican Party later this month in downtown Little Rock.
“We look forward to having Gov. Huckabee home in Arkansas as we work to end 138 years of one-party rule and elect a new Republican majority to the state Legislature,” said Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb.
“In the Red Zone with Governor Mike Huckabee” will take place after the Razorback football game on Saturday, Oct. 27, in the east River Market Pavilion from 5 to 6:30 p.m. The event includes a chili supper, live music from the Luke Williams Band and an opportunity to meet and greet with Republican candidates.
Tickets may be purchased online at or by calling the Republican Party headquarters at 501-372-7301.

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2012 Election: Arkansas 4th Congressional District Debate

Debate Video: Arkansas University in Magnolia hosted a debate on Thursday, October 4, 2012 between the four candidates for the 4th Congressional District seat. U.S. Rep. Mike Ross is retiring. The candidates appearing were Tom Cotton, Republican, Darnadelle; Joshua Drake, Green, Hot Springs; Gene Jeffress, Democrat, Louann; and Bobby Tullis, Libertarian, Mineral Springs. Dr. Paul Babbitt moderated the debate. video

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Arkansas Republican House Caucus
Rep. John Burris (R-Harrison) today delivered the House Republican address to the people of Arkansas discussing how the legislature needs to ask the tough questions to move Arkansas forward and that legislators will not shut their mouths as they represent the people of Arkansas.

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tyler vs. Tyler: The Fight for Truth


Linda Tyler Claims One Thing In Attack Mailer To Voters. "Rapert voted against $56 million in funding for K-12 schools." (Linda Tyler Campaign Mailer, October 2012)

Days Later, Linda Tyler Admits Jason Rapert Voted For Education Funding. "I'm glad that my opponent voted, as I did, for the idea of increasing education funding in Arkansas" (Arkansas Times, 10/3/12)

Which is it, Representative Tyler

Did Sen. Jason Rapert vote to cut education funding, or to increase education funding?

Linda Tyler's fight with the truth is based on the confused and false premise that a vote against one proposed version of the state Revenue Stabilization Act is a cut “of $56 million” in education funding.

The statement is false because it assumes that NO revenue stabilization act would have been passed, which would have reduced the general revenue budget of every single state agency to zero.

If a vote against revenue stabilization can fairly be described a vote to cut, the amount of the cut was not $56 million; the cut was the ENTIRE general revenue budget for not only education, but every other agency of government.

The silliness of the attack is compounded by Tyler’s false statement that Sen. Rapert is against a balanced budget.  If a vote against revenue stabilization is a vote against all spending, then a vote against revenue stabilization is a vote to make the entire general revenue budget into a SURPLUS in excess of $4.5 billion.

Linda Tyler can’t have it both ways.

Sen. Jason Rapert supported increased funding for K-12 education by the amount requested by Governor Mike Beebe.  Sen. Rapert voted against one version of the revenue stabilization act, because he supported an alternative balanced budget that would have helped the state deal with the expected $400 million Medicaid shortfall without having to raise taxes on hardworking Arkansans.

Linda Tyler has acknowledged to the press that her attack on Sen. Jason Rapert is false.

With just five weeks left before the election, she will have to try to come up with some other attack that can stand more than a few days of scrutiny.   To stay one step ahead of the negative Tyler campaign, visit our new web site

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Arkansas: 138 Years and A New Majority

GOP Arkansas: Republican Party Chairman Doyle Webb goes on location at the Arkansas State Capitol to discuss how Republicans are working to end 138 years of one-party rule and elect a new Republican majority to the state Legislature.
Articles on Arkansas Plantation Politics: Time to stop the 138 yrs of "plantation politics."

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Does Jeffress Support Obama Bullying Contractors to Illegally Keeping Quiet on Massive Layoffs?

Dems Offer Taxpayer Dollars to Cover Legal Fees if Defense Contractors Don’t Send Pink Slips

WASHINGTON --- After 43 straight months of unemployment above 8.0 percent, America now faces even more devastating job losses due to across-the-board defense cuts, and contractors are legally required to warn of these imminent layoffs. Does Gene Jeffress agree with Obama’s attempt to illegally cover up the impact on defense jobs and make taxpayers foot the legal fees?

“Gene Jeffress' Democrat leaders think they can have their cake and eat it too, championing job-killing policies and then covering up their devastating effects on the job market,” said NRCC Communications Director Paul Lindsay. “Jeffress and his party’s politically-motivated agenda is not only unsustainable, it’s motivated by their desperate attempts to deceive the public.”

Under law, defense contractors have to send notice of their plans to lay off workers. This comes as Democrats refuse to stop the looming tax hikes that will devastate small businesses:

“The White House on Friday told government contractors worried about fiscal cliff spending cuts to hold off on warning employees about possible layoffs.

“The government said it would cover legal costs if contractors are forced to slash their payrolls because of the looming $109 billion in automatic cuts next year and are alleged to have violated the WARN Act.” (Jeanne Sahadi, “White House to Contractors: Hold Off on Layoff Warnings,” CNN, 9/28/2012)

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