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RPA Research: Governor Mike Beebe’s Rhetoric Doesn’t Match Reality

What else can you expect from
an avowed advocate for Barack Obama?
He fears opposition by "conservatives" to
his agenda? The Plantation master opposes

Arkansans demanding their heritage
Regnat Populus - The People Rule!

138 Years - Plantation Politics:
Governor Beebe Talks A Good Game, But In Reality He’s The Most Partisan Person in Little Rock As He Trys To Maintain 138 Years of One-Party Rule.

Governor Beebe Laments Partisanship In Midst Of Emerging Two-Party State. “Gov. Mike Beebe told members of the Arkansas Municipal League on Thursday that the state needs a spirit of cooperation, saying that partisanship has ‘attacked our country from within.’ In a passionate and unusually campaign-oriented speech, Beebe criticized the gridlock in Washington and said a similar confrontational spirit has sprouted in the Legislature and in some Arkansas communities.” (Chuck Bartels, “In speech to Arkansas Municipal League, Beebe urges civility, compromise among state's leaders,” Associated Press, 6/21/12)

Yet, Democratic Party of Arkansas Says Governor Beebe Has Plans To Crisscross State Campaigning For Arkansas Democrats. “Arkansas Democratic Party Chairman Will Bond has said his priority this fall is to keep Democrats in the majority in the state House and Senate, and party spokeswoman Candace Martin said it has not organized its own push to send Beebe out to districts that are in play in November.” (Chuck Bartels, “In speech to Arkansas Municipal League, Beebe urges civility, compromise among state's leaders,” Associated Press, 6/21/12)

It Was Just Ten Days Earlier That Governor Beebe Was Stumping In Stuttgart! “Gov. Mike Beebe was in Stuttgart Tuesday night to attend a fundraiser for Arkansas Representative District 13 candidate David Hillman at the Grand Prairie Center.” (“Fundraiser for David Hillman,” Stuttgart Daily Leader, 6/13/12)

And Six Days Earlier That Governor Beebe Was Campaigning in Van Buren. “Gov. Mike Beebe will be in Van Buren on Friday (June 15) to attend fundraising rally for Rep. Tracy Pennartz, D-Fort Smith. It’s not the first political event for Beebe of the political season, and it will likely be one of many as he attempts to use his popularity to prevent Republicans from capturing one or both chambers of the Arkansas Legislature.” (“Gov. Beebe to campaign for Rep. Pennartz,” The City Wire, 6/14/12)

After Campaigning in Van Buren, Governor Beebe Headlined A State House Candidate Fundraiser In Altus. (Fundraiser for Rep. Leslie Milam Post, Screenshot)

And Last Week, Governor Beebe Made A Pit Stop In Searcy To Campaign For Democratic State Senate Candidate.“Please join Gov. Mike Beebe on Thursday at an event for Rep. Tiffany Rogers, candidate for State Senate.” (Tiffany Rogers, website, June 2012)

Governor Beebe Promises To Begin Partisan Push Early In 2012 Campaign

Governor Beebe Vows To Fight “Partisan Rhetoric” With Outright Partisanship—Before The Primary! “Gov. Mike Beebe said today he plans to campaign against certain state legislators he would like to see defeated in November. Beebe did not name names but said he believes some members of the General Assembly are too partisan.” (John Lyon, “Governor to get involved in legislative races,” Arkansas News, 5/1/12)

Beebe Couldn’t Even Admit He Was Being Partisan, Leaving It To His Spokesman. “Beebe declined to identify any particular legislators but said that ‘I’ll be out there doing what I can to try to get rid of some of those folks that I think just vote based on whether they’ve got something beside their name. I’m not bashful.’ Beebe spokesman Matt DeCample said later he knew of no plans by the governor to campaign against any Democrats.” (John Lyon, “Governor to get involved in legislative races,” Arkansas News, 5/1/12)  

In Fact, Beebe’s Partisan Campaigning Began Before 2012 Even Started As He Held The First Of Two Fundraisers For Fellow Democrat Linda Tyler. ( Tyler campaign fundraising invitation, 11/28/11)

Before Republicans Sworn In To Legislature, Governor Beebe Threw First Partisan Punch And Filled Democratic Party’s Campaign Coffers With Nearly $900,000. “Gov. Mike Beebe raised more than $5 million in his successful run for re-election this year and the Democratic incumbent donated more than $881,000 of leftover campaign cash to the state Democratic Party, campaign finance records show.” (“Beebe donates $881,000 in leftover campaign cash to Democrats,” Arkansas News Bureau, 1/3/11)
Sources articles compliled by the Republican Party of Arkansas.

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Bill Smith said...

We have an Obamanite as governor!

Gene McVay said...

Hook, line and sinker along with several legislators whose blind allegiance to Obama will cost them dearly in November.

Kim Americanpatriot Loftis said...

That is the gospel truth...