Friday, June 1, 2012

Problems At The Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans - Waiting and Waiting
They may have to wait longer when money
for their assistance has been stolen.
ARRA News Service - Dr. Bill Smith, 22 Year veteran: I held posting this article until after Memorial Day. The following disgusting situation affects living veterans verses our fallen comrades whom we just honored.

In summary, Arkansans have been shorted $780,000 in mismanaged or vanished money at the Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs! Which begs the question, have Veterans been swindled of benefits, hurt, ignored or possibly worse?

The following video by "Americans For Prosperity - Arkansas" reports on the mismanagement which has occurred at Arkansas Dept. of Veteran Affairs. While this type of situation has occurred (or may be occurring) at many levels of Government, it is most outrageous that it happened with funds dedicated to veterans.

Governor Mike Beebe may have aided his cronies in the past thus ignoring his constituents in general. However, in this situation, he has specifically failed veterans - the men and women who served our great Nation and State. Note also that Gov. Beebe is also the Commander in Chief of the Arkansas National Guard. There appears to have been no apparent attempt by the governor to address or punish anyone for the missing $780,000. Unfortunately, Governor Beebe has allowed the Director of the Arkansas Dept. of Veteran Affairs to resign with full retirement. This in military terms is an epic FUBAR!

Our Veterans, their families, and Arkansas Taxpayers deserve better. For now, we can only wonder if and when we may ever get answers and an accounting from Gov. Beebe, our former chief law enforcement official (Attorney General).

I am very concerned with this "culture of mismanagement." Have Arkansas veterans and their families experienced or may they yet experience real physical harm or loss due to a lack of responsible or available services? Has the Governor and therefore the State of Arkansas negated its responsibility of oversight, accountability and protection of Arkansans?

As fellow Arkansas Veterans, we need to join all other Arkansas citizens in demanding an accounting for these lost / misappropriated funds. This is not a political issue, and there is no time-limit on holding elected officials accountable! We must not forget, please share this information, and join me in holding our Governor accountable. We must protect the resources for our veterans.

Note, Retired ANG Colonel Alicia “Cissy” Rucker, age 62, has accepted the appointment as the new director of the Arkansas Department of Veteran Affairs. I wish her the very best. Rucker has rescinded her state retirement status and will not receive retirement benefits while at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Col. Rucker understands her military Oath and I expect she will give top priority to the welfare of Arkansas veterans. However, we should also expect her to do everything possible to aid in the identification and recovery of the missing $780,000.

AFP Arkansas Video:

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