Friday, June 1, 2012

The Far Left, DC Downgrade. and High Unemployment

Did you know that Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Will Bond recently called conservative Arkansas Republicans running for the state Legislature “far-right extremists?” It’s sad that Arkansas Democrats are so beholden to President Barack Obama that supporting common sense Arkansas values is now considered “extreme.” [Read more]

She Said What? -  “We are all Democrats, and we support the president..." – Arkansas House Democratic Majority Leader Johnnie Roebuck [Source info] This is just the latest example of how far to the left Arkansas Democrats are moving and why conservatives in the state are choosing a new home in the Republican Party.

DC Democrats Downgrade Chances in First Congressional District - Washington DC’s Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) downgraded their chances in Arkansas’ First Congressional District race this week. Clearly, even Washington Democrats know that whoever wins the June 12 Democratic Run-off doesn’t stand a chance against conservative Congressman Rick Crawford, who has demonstrated an uncompromising commitment to reversing the failed policies of Barack Obama.

Unemployment Up - The latest jobs report was a dismal one for the American people, with national unemployment ticking up to 8.2 percent. After three and half years of chronically high unemployment, Americans are ready for a new direction and a new President in Governor Mitt Romney. From Obamacare to our record debt, it’s obvious the policies of Barack Obama are simply not working.

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