Sunday, May 6, 2012

Arkansas Early Voting, Partisanship and an Intellectually Bankrupt Democratic Party

Katherine Vasilos, Republican Party of Arkansas: Early voting for the Arkansas Republican Primary and the Non-partisan Judicial General Election begins Monday, May 7th and ends May 21st! Election Day is May 22nd. To find your early voting location, contact your county clerk by clicking here.

Also, if you’re interested in becoming a presidential delegate or alternate to the 2012 Republican National Convention, you must officially file with the Republican Party between May 7th and May 21st. For more information about the delegate selection process and to download a filing form, click here.

He Said What?
Liberal Arkansas Democrat-Gazette columnist John Brummett had this to say about Arkansas Democrats this week: “The only idea the Arkansas Democratic Party has revealed in years was to run a thin gerrymandered line to Fayetteville to nab new Democratic votes for the 4th Congressional District…This bankruptcy of the state Democratic Party-ideologically, intellectually, essentially-is not new. It actually is heritage and tradition.”

We agree. Arkansas Democrats have no plan of action. Republicans do. You can actually read it here. State Democrats have proposed NO changes to encourage innovation and create a better quality of life for Arkansans. Maintaining the status quo is unacceptable and unsustainable. You deserve better!

Washington Partisanship Comes to Arkansas
Democratic Governor Mike Beebe often criticizes partisanship, yet he promised to be partisan this election cycle. Gov. Beebe told the Arkansas News Bureau that “people don’t want us to act like Washington,” then promised he would work to get “rid” of some Republicans in the legislature. Not to mention the fact he gave the Democratic Party nearly $1 million in 2011 to defeat Republicans. How’s that for partisanship?

Simply put, Republicans are fighting for hardworking Arkansas taxpayers while the governor’s party is fighting to keep their own jobs and prolong 138 years of one-party control in Arkansas.

Uncle Sam’s Unlimited Plan
Second District Congressman Tim Griffin this week proposed a bill that would end government-run, taxpayer-funded cell phones which is costing us billions! Click here to learn more about Uncle Sam’s Unlimited Plan.

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