Thursday, April 12, 2012

Snicker: Gov. Beebe Gets an A+ - In Selective Reporting

Curtis Coleman, The New South Conservative: Governor Beebe has been proudly reporting that Education Week magazine has ranked Arkansas as fifth in the nation in education! Seriously – fifth! Now, the first heartburn that report causes is something like a heart attack for education in the rest of the nation. If Arkansas – where almost 50% of high school graduates who GO to college – 50% of our college freshmen require remediation in one or more core subjects, including reading and math, that should literally scare you to death for the rest of the country!

But that’s where Gov. Beebe earns his A+ in selective reporting. Arkansas earned an “A” in some mysterious category called “policies and performance.” But in the categories we can understand such as student achievement – 34th! And we’re 44th in students’ chance for success. So in the categories that matter – how our children are able to perform in real life after they get through our educational system, once again….and intolerably once again….our children rank near the bottom!

I have an idea that like me, you’re sick and tired of Arkansas being ranked near the bottom in almost everything except teenage pregnancies and childhood obesity.

It’s time – not just for that vague and indefinable thing called “reform” – it is time for revolution in education in Arkansas. And that essentially demands that parents be re-empowered to direct the education – and the money for the education – of their own children.

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