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More Disturbing News About Arkansas U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor


by Carlton Saff, RetirePryor: The following is based entirely on IRS internal documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and filed in Federal Court in Little Rock, sworn testimony filed in the White County, Arkansas Circuit Court and Secretary of the US Senate filings. Want to see them? Go to RetirePryor.com {Website deactivated]

In 2006 Arkansas US Senator Mark Pryor disclosed that he owned at least $1.3 Million in interest in a finance company, a truck leasing company, a trust, and a lumber company on his US Senate disclosure forms. Pryor's wealthy mother-in-law, Bonnie Harvey, held the controlling interest in all these companies. The 2006 form say that two of these assets even paid a dividend. In 2007 these assets disappeared from his filing but yet on the same form he said he and his wife sold no stock in 2007.

How did Pryor's interest in four different business entities--which he claimed were worth at least $1.3 in 2007, all become worthless at the same time? How did they go from paying a dividend to worthless in one year?

Now we learn that at least one of those companies, Great Western Leasing leased trucks to Continental Express, a company owned by Pryor's mother-in-law that stiffed the IRS for $2 million in taxes withheld from employees paychecks but never turned over to the IRS. Great Western received 100% of it's revenues from Continental Express. Pryor held approximately $500,000 in stock in Great Western alone.

We also know that the IRS agent who attempted to obtain financial information and payment from Pryor's kin was abruptly transferred and the agent who replaced him quietly closed the case without collecting a dime.

The IRS closed it's case against Pryor's relatives right after the IRS upgraded the case to a "political" classification. Now the IRS is trying to collect these $2 million taxes from a former trucking company executive who is not wealthy and who had no ownership or interest in the company and had no control of the companies books when the taxes went unpaid!

We now know that Pryor's Mother-in-law sold the assets of Great Western Leasing - the company Senator Pryor owned a piece of and which paid him a dividend in 2006,just 30 days before the deadline for financial disclosure by the company set by the IRS. What happened to Sen.Mark Pryor's interest in the Company?

What is even more incredible is that Pryor's mother-in-law, estimated to be worth $30 million, admitted in a signed agreement that she owed these taxes and would pay them!

We also know that an agent for Bonnie Harvey testified under oath in State Circuit Court oath that Harvey was paying "her children" up to $24,000 monthly for "house payments, kids in school, and other needs" at the exact same time the company was skipping out on $2 million in past due taxes. We know from this same deposition that the reference to "her children" specifically meant the Pryor household. Its clear that the Harveys paid the tuition costs for Senator Pryor's children, and likely many other of Senator Pryor's monthly expenses.

To date no one has asked whether Senator Pryor or his wife, Jill Harvey Pryor, were taking large sum monthly payments from a company that owed the IRS $2 million. Pryor claims in both his 2006 and 2007 US Senate Financial Disclosures that he and his wife had no outside income or assets. He has also claimed he has no knowledge or interaction on the Harvey businesses, despite once listing as much as $1.3 Million in Harvey stock on his required disclosures and used a Harvey owned bank to finance the purchase of his home in Little Rock.

WANT THE PROOF? SEE THE DOCUMENTS! GO TO RetirePryor.com  {Website deactivated]

How long will the Arkansas media go without examining the public documents that confirm all these facts and start asking Mark Pryor the hard questions? Will a complaint have to be filed with the US Senate Ethics Committee?

There cannot be two sets of rules, one for the rich and politically connected and another for the working people of Arkansas

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