Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First District Democrats Flop on Fundraising

Ellington Makes Desperate Call for Campaign Cash

Little Rock, Ark. Three Arkansas Democrats vying for the First Congressional District seat appear to have flopped when it comes to raising campaign funds this quarter.

According to the Associated Press, Republican Congressman Rick Crawford “brought in more than his three Democratic challengers combined.” Meanwhile, Politico dubbed one Democratic candidate, Rep. Clark Hall, a “much-heralded prospect who fell short.”

“Clearly, Rep. Hall was right when he said running for Congress was ‘over his head,’” said Republican Party of Arkansas Communications Director Katherine Vasilos. "Voters in the First District have clearly wised-up as evidenced by his dwindling fundraising totals. They know that Clark Hall will be another Democrat supporting the economically destructive policies of President Obama that have hurt rural Arkansas."

On Tuesday, Democratic congressional candidate and former West Memphis Three Prosecuting Attorney Scott Ellington made a desperate call for campaign cash, telling Talk Business that if any party involved in the well-known murder case “wants to throw some money at me, it’s not going to hurt my feelings.”

“Arkansas Democrats like Scott Ellington will say anything to get elected and continue President Obama’s assault on our state and national economy,” said Vasilos. "This November, voters will return Rep. Crawford to Congress to continue fighting for the common sense conservative values of Arkansans that President Obama and his Democratic allies simply don't get."

Rep. Crawford Raises More Than Three Democrats Combined

“In the 1st District in east Arkansas, Republican Rep. Rick Crawford rebounded from sluggish fundraising at the end of the year and brought in more than his three Democratic challengers combined. Crawford, who was elected in 2010, raised $239,370 and spent $70,036. He had $459,659 cash on hand.” (Andrew Demillo, “Republican Tom Cotton widens fundraising lead in race for south Arkansas congressional seat,” Associated Press, 4/16/12)

Ellington Makes Desperate Call For Campaign Cash

Ellington: “If they want to send money this way, we’ll take it. Either side. Because right now, the case is closed…If somebody on either side wants to throw some money at me, it’s not going to hurt my feelings.” (Roby Brock, “Ellington Addresses Fundraising Shortfall, WM3 Contributions,” Talk Business, 4/17/12)

Rep. Hall Flops on Fundraising

“Another much-heralded prospect who fell short: state Rep. Clark Hall of Arkansas. The beleaguered House Blue Dog coalition, seeking to increase its diminished ranks, has endorsed Hall along with a handful of other congressional hopefuls. But Hall raised just $123,000, a little less than half of incumbent GOP Rep. Rick Crawford’s $252,000 takeaway.” (Alex Isenstadt, Lessons from the house cash dash, Politico, 4/16/12)

Running For Congress is Way Over Clark Hall’s Head

"Hall, who is barred by term limits from running for re-election in the House, said some state representatives had asked him to consider running for the 1st Congressional District seat next year, but thats probably way over my head." (“Candidates getting jump on 12 state Senate races,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 8/28/11)

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