Friday, April 20, 2012

Arkansas Lt. Gov. Objects to Spending $7.7 Million Implementing ObamaCare

Obeebe - Obama both progressives
. . . But, Arkansas' Liberal Progressive Governor really doesn't care. It appears that legislative democrats are more interested in destroying Arkansas liberty and freedom if they can no longer be in charge. Polling shows that Arkansas democrats may lose both the Arkansas State Senate and House which would mean that Gov. Beebe would have his hands tied in advancing Obamacare, locally called ObeebeCare.

Darr Disappointed by the Approval to spend 7.7 Million Dollars on Healthcare Exchange Grant Arkansas Lt. Governor Mark Darr (R) responded: “Just weeks away from the United States Supreme Court reaching a decision on the legality of the federal healthcare law, known as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPAC), Arkansas State Legislators voted along party lines to approve a 7.7 million dollar grant to the Arkansas Insurance Department. This money would be used for planning and implementing the federal healthcare law, which may be ruled unconstitutional by the court. I think it is ridiculous for the administrators of this program and state legislators to refuse to wait a few more weeks for the Supreme Court to reach their decision. Our country is currently 15 trillion dollars in debt, yet some individuals feel that it is perfectly fine to waste 7.7 million dollars of taxpayer money. It is especially offensive when these same people admit that they have not even read the full legislation.”

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