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Arkansas House Republicans Introduce The SIMPLE Plan

Bill Smith, Editor, ARRA News Service: After 136 years of plantation politics in Arkansas, the voice of "We The People" is being heard. The rising tide of conservatism in Arkansas is making its impact. The demands for government accountable and transparency, for Big Government be put on a diet and for government waste and spending be reduced have been heard by numerous elected officials With the potential anticipated increases in elected Republicans in the 2012 Elections, the present Republican House leadership has boldly setting forth a road map - their plan for responsible actions.

Today, we note that road map. It was developed by members of the Arkansas House Republican Caucus which anticipates that 2012 voters will make them responsible for the Arkansas State Legislature. They realized that waiting until after the transition will be too late. Therefore, the Republican House Caucus has set forth the parameters within which Republicans will operate for the benefit of Arkansans. They call their plan The SIMPLE Plan. Below is an image depicting The Simple Plan and videos with Republican House leaders detailing their planned actions in working with other elected officials to address the major issues facing Arkansans.

Their playbook, The Simple Plan, is now placed before the public to read. Obviously, this is not usual politics in Arkansas. They and future elected Republicans and hopefully other elected officials will be held accountable for legislative and funding actions within the scope of this plan. I commend the current House Republican Caucus for reaching agreement and setting forth this plan. Arkansans will be watching and holding them accountable in their efforts.

Arkansas House Republican Caucus: Republicans are committed to fighting for hardworking Arkansans and replacing the status quo in state government with a simple, direct and bipartisan vision. Since 2012 will mark a new era for Arkansas government and politics, this week House Republicans unveiled their “SIMPLE” policy plan to move Arkansas forward.

Spending Reform
Income Tax and Other Tax Reform
Medicaid Sustainability
Protecting Arkansas’ Future
Legal and Regulatory Reform
Education Excellence
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The Arkansas Republican House Caucus unveiled its SIMPLE Plan for fighting for hardworking Arkansas taxpayers today in the State Capitol Rotunda. Speaking for the others are Arkansas State Representatives Bruce Westerman, Terry Rice, Mark Biviano and Charlie Collins.
Republican Leader Bruce Westerman (Hot Springs):

ARHC SIMPLE PLAN - Rep. Terry Rice

ARHC SIMPLE PLAN - Rep. Mark Biviano

ARHC SIMPLE PLAN - Rep. Charlie Collins

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