Monday, March 5, 2012

SBA List Candidate Fund Endorses Beth Anne Rankin

Washington, DC ─ Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund, a national pro-life political action committee, announced its endorsement of Beth Anne Rankin, candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Arkansas’s 4th Congressional District.

“Beth Anne Rankin is eager to fill this open seat in order to defend Life on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives,” said SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “We endorsed Beth Anne Rankin during her 2010 campaign for Congress and we proudly do so again in 2012.”

In 2010, Beth Anne Rankin won the Republican Primary for this seat by winning twenty-seven of the twenty-nine counties in her district. Dannenfelser added, “Arkansas deserves the feminine pro-life voice that Beth Anne Rankin will bring to Washington and all American women will benefit from her commitment to women and the unborn.”

Beth Anne Rankin served as Miss Arkansas in 1994 and began working for Governor Mike Huckabee two years later. She founded Beth Anne Productions, Inc. in 1998 and began a full-time commitment to her music, teaching and speaking in 2004. Rankin’s campaign repeatedly cites her as a “life-long pro-life advocate” and notes her commitment to “continue to advocate for women and the unborn.” In January, Governor Mike Huckabee, host of “The Gift of Life,” and HUCKPAC endorsed Beth Anne Rankin in the AR-04 race. Beth Anne Rankin is “pro-life and proud of it” as she makes her way towards Arkansas’s Republican primary, set for May 22, 2012.

During the 2010 election cycle, SBA List spent $11 million and was involved in 90 races, 62 of which resulted in victories. Successes included: defeating 15 of 20 so-called "pro-life" Democrats who voted for abortion funding in the health care reform bill, increasing the number of pro-life women in the House by 70 percent, filling the void of pro-life women in the U.S. Senate, and increasing the number of pro-life women governors from one to four.

The Susan B. Anthony List is a nationwide network of more than 365,000 Americans dedicated to mobilizing, advancing, and representing pro-life women in politics. Its connected Candidate Fund increases the percentage of pro-life women in the political process.

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