Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Arkansas Democratic Congressional Candidates: Team Obamacare?

Second-Year Anniversary of U.S. House Passage of Obamacare

Little Rock, Ark. – State Republican Party Chairman Doyle Webb today called on Democrats running for Congress in Arkansas’ Four Congressional Districts to take a public stand on whether or not they support President Barack Obama’s government takeover of health care in America.

“Two years ago today, the Democratic-controlled U.S. House of Representatives voted to put health care into the hands of government bureaucrats by passing President Obama’s unpopular health care law,” said Webb.

“Arkansas simply cannot afford Obamacare. Its mandates and regulations are bad for small business and economically destructive to our state and nation. Today, we call on Arkansas’ Democratic candidates for Congress to take a stand on Obamacare, rather than ignoring the President’s proudest achievement. State Republicans are committed to the repeal of Obamacare, and Arkansans deserve to know where the following eight Democratic candidates stand:
“The bottom line is Obamacare does not offer the affordability President Obama promised,” said Webb. “It raises taxes, increases premiums and limits America’s health care choices. In November, we look forward to sending four Republican U.S. Representatives to Congress who will work to repeal Obamacare and replace it will real reforms that protect Americans’ right to make their own health care decisions.”

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Anonymous said...

Its not a government take over. "Obamacare" is by definition a privatization of the health care industry because it forces people to buy health insurance from private companies.

Anonymous said...

Wow I never thought of it as a Republican take over before. That sounds scary.

Bill Smith said...

Not scary at all. The actions of the Dems when totally in control of the White House and Congress was beyond scary - they were destructive!

Bill Smith said...

As for Obamacare not being a government takeover, you have your head in the sand or somewhere else.

It is NOT the "definition of a privatization of the health care industry." Forcing someone to buy a product or service is the mindset of liberal elite dictatorship. Also, the healthcare bill covers far more than the individual mandate to pay someone for something you may not wish to buy and to pay fro services which you may never need. Government Get Out Of Our Lives.