Thursday, February 2, 2012

State GOP Calls on Ethics Commissioner to Follow State Law, Discontinue Public Support of Rep. Linda Tyler

Little Rock, Ark. – The Arkansas Republican Party today called on newly appointed Arkansas Ethics Commissioner Robert McCormack of Conway to immediately discontinue his public support of Democratic Rep. Linda Tyler in accordance with Arkansas Code Annotated § 7-6-217(c)(2) which prohibits a commissioner from “lending his or her name in support of any candidate for election to a state, county, municipal, or school board office under the laws of Arkansas.”

“Today, we are asking that Mr. McCormack preserve the integrity of the Arkansas Ethics Commission and immediately withdraw his public endorsement of Rep. Linda Tyler,” said Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb.

On Rep. Tyler’s website for her State Senate District 35 campaign, the names “Bob and Armilda McCormack,” are listed under the endorsement tab. Prior to being appointed to the Commission by Governor Mike Beebe this January, Mr. McCormack was also documented online as a supporter of Rep. Tyler’s State Senate Campaign. These pictures continue to remain on her campaign website and Facebook page.

“Judging from Mr. McCormack’s strong ties with Rep. Tyler, we ask that he recuse himself from any future matters which might come before the Ethics Commission regarding Rep. Linda Tyler and the State Senate District 35 campaign. We owe it to the citizens of Arkansas to remain fair and non-partisan,” said Webb.

Arkansas Law Prohibits Ethics Commissioners From Endorsing Candidates
“During the entire term of service on the commission, a commissioner shall be prohibited from raising funds for, making contributions to, providing services to, or lending his or her name in support of any candidate for election to a state, county, municipal, or school board office under the laws of Arkansas…” (Source: A.C.A. § 7-6-217(c)(2))

Gov. Beebe Appointed McCormack in January, 2012
On January 13, 2012, Governor Mike Beebe announced the appointment of “Robert McCormack, Conway, to the Arkansas Ethics Commission. Appointment expires December 31, 2016. Replaces Catherine Johnson.” (Governor Mike Beebe, Press Release, Accessed 2/2/12)

Commissioner McCormack Endorses Rep. Linda Tyler for State Senate
As of February 1, 2012, “Bob and Armilda McCormack” are listed as endorsers of State Rep. Linda Tyler campaign for a seat in the Arkansas Senate. (Source: Linda Tyler for State Senate Website, Endorsements, Accessed 2/2/12, Appendix A)

Commissioner McCormack Has Strong Ties With Rep. Linda Tyler
Robert McCormack appears and is identified in multiple pictures documenting a 2011 fundraiser for State Rep. Linda Tyler on her campaign’s Facebook page and Rep. Tyler’s State Senate Website. (Source: Rep. Linda Tyler Facebook Page, Accessed 2/2/12, Appendix B) and (Source: Linda Tyler for State Senate Website, Photos , Accessed 2/2/12, Appendix B)

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C Alexander White said...

Wow. Ms. Tyler's career in Arkansas politics is almost over.

Bill Smith said...

Sure hope so. Linda Parker lead the way in the defeat of 10 anti-abortion bills. She was pro-life at least two times with respect to two of her own children but evidenced her willingness to carry the water for the pro-death democrat agenda.

David Crow said...

Business as usual for Rep. Linda Tyler...this women is bad for Conway and Faulkner Co and the state of AR.....just another one of her many ethical problems