Monday, February 6, 2012

Gov. Beebe: Illegal Aliens Don't Deserve Arkansas Jobs

Self-Deportation' of Illegal Aliens Can Create Jobs for Unemployed Arkansas Residents
Recently the term "self-deportation" has been discussed in presidential debates. "Self-deportation" is the belief that illegal aliens will leave Arkansas and the rest of the U.S. voluntarily on their own if they are denied access to Arkansas' jobs and public benefits. In fact, self-deportation is happening right now, as the current economic recession has reduced job opportunities across all of Arkansas' occupations.

Better known as 'attrition through enforcement,' this policy of 'self-deportation' has existed for some time. It is the common sense approach to immigration reform that lies in the middle of the opposing extremes of mass deportations and mass legalization of illegal aliens. It calls for Arkansas law enforcement officials to play a role in enforcing immigration laws on the local and state levels in addition to greater support from federal officials.

If Gov. Beebe is serious about reducing Arkansas' unemployment rate, he should do more to support enforcing Arkansas' immigration laws so that illegal aliens leave willingly on their own. Please don't delay. Send the critical message below to Governor Beebe, asking him to support attrition through enforcement, and help put unemployed Arkansas residents back to work. Simply click now to send your free fax. There is no cost to you.
Dear Gov. Beebe,
Please support a policy of attrition through enforcement so that illegal aliens will self-deport and our state's jobless will be able to get back to work.

The concept of attrition through enforcement is simple. If America's immigration laws are fully enforced and illegal aliens are not allowed to take U.S. jobs or receive non-essential government services, they will not be able to live in the United States (or in our state, for that matter). These individuals will have no other choice but to leave, or self-deport. This would free up millions of jobs for American workers and save American taxpayers billions of dollars. How could you oppose such a policy?

I urge you to think of the unemployed in our state who cannot find a full-time job. These Americans deserve better and you can help to give them and their families a chance at a better life. Please promote a policy of attrition through enforcement.

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