Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Democrats Playing Politics With Arkansas Workers, Won’t Compromise On Conservative Budget Alternative

Little Rock, Ark. – Republican Party of Arkansas Chairman Doyle Webb said today that state Democrats are playing politics with Arkansas jobs by threatening state worker layoffs rather than compromising on a conservative general revenue budget alternative proposed by Arkansas Republican legislators.

“It’s hypocritical for Democrats to be concerned about state government jobs being eliminated but remain completely silent when President Barack Obama actually eliminates 60 Arkansas private sector jobs with his failure to approve the Keystone Pipeline,” said Webb.

“It’s clear Democrats are resorting to overly partisan rhetoric to avoid giving an inch to Arkansas Republicans who are fighting for ways to reduce fraud, waste and abuse on behalf of hardworking Arkansas taxpayers.”

“Democrats are simply unwilling to compromise on the budget. It’s sad to see Arkansas Democrats embracing this type of Washington politics instead of a truly bipartisan budget that will benefit Arkansans by preserving much needed services like Medicaid,” Webb concluded.

Democrats' Plan for State Budget: “Don’t Give an Inch”

“In short, Moore’s two messages convey his reading that House Democrats intend to stay with the Governor’s balanced budget proposal and that they don’t want House Republicans or Burris ‘to get any leverage’ out of a deal.  Talk Business blogger Jason Tolbert first reported on the text messages. Other House Democrats have confirmed in private conversations that they are ‘not willing to give an inch’ at this time. (Roby Brock, “Time, Money and Politics Are Driving Budget Debate ,” Talk Business , 2/21/12)

60 Arkansas Workers Lose Their Jobs Due to President’s Keystone Delay

“The first tangible signs of a moratorium on the Keystone XL oil pipeline project affecting Arkansas jobs has surfaced. Indian pipeline maker, Welspun Tube, which has a major North American production plant at the Little Rock Port Authority, says it will lay off 60 temporary workers due to the project’s delay.” (Roby Brock, "Welspun Says Keystone Moratorium And Steel Delay Reason For Layoffs," Talk Business , 12/13/11)

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Byron Lee Gann said...

Democrat idea of negotiation is you do what they want and shut up. They are NEVER for a proposed cut in spending, even when it is, as this time, only a reduction in the increase in spending proposed by the Republicans. 21 Million in cut to the INCREASE in spending should not even qualify for discussion, just make the cut.

Josie Atkinson said...

Byron, you nailed it!!!!!!

Bill Minyard said...

Bill, your post is always appreciated..!