Monday, February 13, 2012

Arkansas: Legislative Republicans Look To File Leaner State Budget Benefiting Arkansas Taxpayers

Ark. GOP lawmakers eye pushing own budget bill

By Associated Press, 2/13/2012
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (WTW) — The top Republican in the Arkansas House says he and other lawmakers are working on their own alternative budget to the one proposed by Democratic Gov. Mike Beebe.

Rep. John Burris filed a resolution Monday to introduce an alternative Revenue Stabilization Act, the budget bill that is typically considered at the end of the legislative session. The RSA sets spending priorities based on expected revenues.

Burris said Republicans believe they can find more areas to cut than Beebe has proposed in his $4.7 billion budget for the coming fiscal year. A companion resolution has been introduced in the Senate...
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Republicans File Competing Revenue Stabilization Bills

The final deadline for amending the text of measures is not for another two weeks.

The Revenue Stabilization Bill is the mechanism for outlining the state’s budget priorities.

Burris tells me he anticipates the bill will propose a slightly tighter budget than the Governor’s budget, which is currently around $4.6 billion...
Republicans File Competing Revenue Stabilization Bills

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