Thursday, January 26, 2012

Democratic Legislator Earns Recognition for Killing Pro-Life Bills

"Rep. Linda Tyler (D). As chair of the Public Health Committee, the Conway Democrat quietly shepherded the defeat of 10 radical* anti-abortion bills during the general session. Now she'll seek the state Senate seat vacated by term-limited Gilbert Baker."
Arkansas Times
, "Other Arkies of the Year," 1/18/12

Linda Parker known for her smiling campaign / political photo lead the way in the defeat of 10 anti-abortion bills. She was  pro-life at least two times with respect to two of her own children but evidenced her willingness to carry the water for the pro-death democrat agenda. As depicted in the included image, "Abortion does not make you un-pregnant! It just makes you the mother of a dead baby."
* The word "radical" is  the liberal euphemism for "pro-life" when used with the words "anti-abortion"

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Robert St Jacques said...

Not a reputation to be proud of...