Friday, January 13, 2012

The Arkansas Forestry Commission and a “Beebe Bailout”

Birds of a Feather, Flock Together
More Bailouts - More Spending - Lost Jobs
Katherine Vasilos, Republican Party of Arkansas: This week, Democratic Governor Mike Beebe joined with Republican calls to commission a legislative audit after the Arkansas Forestry Commission was recently forced to lay off 36 employees due to a $4 million budget shortfall.

In 2010, Governor Beebe canceled a meeting with the Forestry Commission to address a budget shortfall, citing that he didn’t want to discuss tax increases during an election year.

Since then, Arkansas Republicans have led the way in calling for a complete investigation into the lack of transparency in state government and the improper use of federal grant money by the Forestry Commission, which has now drawn the attention of federal investigators.

The Beebe Administration’s mismanagement of the Forestry Commission shortfall and failure to address the issue in 2010 led the Governor to request a $2.7 million bailout last week to allow the agency to continue running.

It’s clear to us that the Governor intentionally swept the Forestry Commission’s shortfall under the rug for political purposes and now has to clean up the mess with a “Beebe Bailout.”

From dozens of high-ranking state employees double dipping under his watch, to millions of dollars of fraudulent unemployment claims in the Department of Workforce Services, there is serious mismanagement occurring in the Beebe Administration.

The people of Arkansas deserve proper oversight and transparency in government, and they are obviously not getting it.

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David Crow said...

Obeebe and Obumer....flocking together! Amazing how Obeebe waiting until the 36 terminate employees hit the street before he called for an investigation. I'm hoping the investigation includes who was involved in the cover-up

Ratchell Richter said...

Well, Beebe got an extra paycheck----why am I so not surprised?