Thursday, December 15, 2011

Governor Beebe -- Call The President And Ask Him To Lift Keystone Ban

Little Rock, Ark. – Today, Republican Party of Arkansas (RPA) Chairman Doyle Webb issued a letter to Governor Mike Beebe asking that he publicly call on President Barack Obama to approve the Keystone XL pipeline in light of recent layoffs at Little Rock-based Welspun Tubular, a major manufacturer of pipeline for the Keystone project.

“While the Governor’s spokesman says he’s not ready to ‘jump into’ a ‘partisan issue,’ 60 Arkansans are now out of work, with hundreds more at risk of losing their job due to the President’s delay of the Keystone pipeline,” said RPA Chairman Doyle Webb.

According to the Tolbert Report, in September Governor Beebe issued a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in support of Keystone XL - before the President announced his moratorium on the pipeline project.

“A letter is simply not enough,” said Webb. “This is not a partisan issue, this is a jobs issue, and Governor Beebe should be fighting aggressively to keep Arkansans at work. Today, we are calling on Governor Beebe to urge President Obama to immediately lift his administration’s ban on the Keystone XL pipeline before more Arkansas jobs are lost.”
Click here to download the letter to Governor Mike Beebe.

center>Governor Beebe Calls Keystone XL Pipeline a “Partisan Issue”
“But governor’s spokesman Matt DeCample said while their office is obviously disappointed in the delay, they are not ready to jump into the partisan issue that they feel this has become.” (Jason Tolbert, “Beebe Office Points to September Letter of Support for Keystone Pipeline,” Talk Business, 12/14/11)

September Letter is Best Governor Beebe Can Do on Keystone Issue
“The recent announcement of layoffs by Welspun here in Arkansas due to the delay of the Keystone Pipeline along with the passage of a bill supporting moving forward with the project by the U.S. House of Representatives has pushed the issue to the forefront of Arkansas politics this week…I asked the governor’s office for a response today and they pointed me to a letter Beebe wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton back in September.” (Jason Tolbert, “Beebe Office Points to September Letter of Support for Keystone Pipeline,” Talk Business, 12/14/11)

60 Arkansas Workers Lose Their Jobs Due to President’s Keystone Delay
“The first tangible signs of a moratorium on the Keystone XL oil pipeline project affecting Arkansas jobs has surfaced. Indian pipeline maker, Welspun Tube, which has a major North American production plant at the Little Rock Port Authority, says it will lay off 60 temporary workers due to the project’s delay.” (Roby Brock, Welspun Says Keystone Moratorium And Steel Delay Reason For Layoffs, Talk Business, 12/13/11)

600 Jobs at Risk Due to President’s Keystone Moratorium
“If the project doesn’t get the required permits, most of Welspun’s 600 jobs could be suspended for a time, he added. ‘It would affect us tremendously if it is not approved,’ Delie said. ‘All this pipe we have in the yard belongs to TransCanada and ... we would be competing with them’ to sell pipe.” (Paul Quinn, Pipeline delay prompts LR layoffs,” Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, 12/14/11)

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