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Democrats View Their Own Potential Candidate In 2012 For AR-01

A reader provided he following  post from the "dark side" and said, "I think the infighting between Dem’s in the 1st District (Arkansas) has already started. It seems that Mike Ross (D-AR-04) has already endorse Clark Hall.Check out what is going on inside our opposition."

From Blue Arkansas:

AR-01: Clark Hall “Not Running Against People”…Except Democrats Apparently

December 15th, 2011
By ARDem
A friend of mine sent me some clippings from today’s Jonesboro Sun, and it’s got my blood running hot.  I can’t find a link on the Sun’s website so these excerpts from the article “Demo Group Backing Hall In 1st District” will have to suffice for now:
When asked how he specifically disagreed with Crawford’s public and policy stances, Hall was vague, saying he won’t get into policy matters until next year.
“I’m not running against people, I’m running for the people of Arkansas,” Hall said, later adding, “Right now I’m focusing on me, not on him (Crawford).”
Pelosi, a liberal former speaker of the House, has been a lightning rod for Democrats from the South.  Hall said he couldn’t support her.
“No, sir,” Hall said when asked if he’d vote her into a prominent position within the party.  He later added, “It’s time for  new leadership and a new direction in Washington, D.C.”
Hall has been running now for almost two full months now and he still can’t explain to first district voters where he stands on the issues.  That’s just plain insulting.  What’s more, he won’t even try to make a case against Crawford, the Republican incumbent he’s trying to retire, but will rush to bash another Democrat.  And remember, this is the man that the Democratic establishment has all but crowned as the nominee.  I’d elaborate more on how I feel about this, but I think this is about to give me a stroke, so I’m going to make this one point and then go to the E.R.  Running as a fake Republican while trying to say as little substantive stuff as possible did not help Chad Causey one bet last year.  Nor did it help Blanche Lincoln.  If Arkansas Democrats think Clark Hall can pull it off doing the exact same thing, then as much as I hate to say it maybe we deserve to lose next year, assuming he’s the nominee.  . . .

One Response to “AR-01: Clark Hall “Not Running Against People”…Except Democrats Apparently”
dave says:
December 16, 2011 at 10:24 am

Let’s wait until the filing fees are paid first. I don’t blame him for keeping his cards close to his vest. The 1st still leans Democratic, and he’s probably the “frontrunner” right now, if you had to name one. The blue dog endorsements…I know, they don’t really impress you, but they are mostly beneficial for fundraising & structural issues, not policy (IMHO).

I’d ask him, who would he support for a leadership position? Steney Hoyer? If you don’t want to support Pelosi, that’s fine, but who would you replace her with and why would that individual be better than her?

He’s got a lot of questions to answer, but again, let’s wait until after new year’s to crown him the second coming of Chad Causey.

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