Monday, November 28, 2011

More Democrats Bow Out In the Arkansas 1st Congressional District

Arkansas Congressional 1st District
Revised Redistrict Approved Map Pending
Jonesboro, Arkansas businessman Steve Rockwell said last week that he won't seek the Democratic nomination for an east Arkansas congressional seat. Rockwell, part owner of a publishing business, had been considered a potential candidate for the seat and said in October he was leaning toward running. He said he could have probably won but that it was not the "right time." Translation: "I didn't have a chance in hell of winning."

2010 loser Chad Causey, a Democrat and former Congressional Chief of Staff for Marion Berry, announced in September he wouldn't run for the seat.

Presently, State Rep. Clark Hall of Marvell and Arkansas State University economist Gary Latanich have both announced bids for the Democratic nomination. As previously identified, Latanich is in bed with Obamacare which makes us wonder about his ability as an economist.  What is he teaching over there at ASU?  However, Hall seems to be more the rolling blunder head at the moment saying "Pick Me - Pick Me."  He want money to fund Obamacare in Arkansas (as if the Fed's had any more money) and recently showed a lack of concern of "missing precincts" in the 1st District and be one to continue in Congress the passage of fuzzy legislation. Makes one want to examine all the Arkansas legislation that may have had Hall's vote.  Some "fuzzy legislation" has been known to confuse the issues in Arkansas up and until til the former and present Arkansas Attorney Generals issued opinions in the favor of the Democrats.

Previously Noted: Prof. Latanich Offers Support for Obamacare
“Latanich - in an interview with The Associated Press - criticized Crawford's economic policies as ‘damaging’ to the country and singled out Crawford's opposition to the health care law and his support of a balanced budget amendment.” (“AR State economist announces congressional bid,” Associated Press, 11/2/11)

Previously Noted: Rep. Hall Wants Your Money To Fund Obamacare In Arkansas
“‘The way I look at it is never turn down free money,’ commented state Rep. Clark Hall, D-Marvell, on applying for the grant.” (Jason Tolbert, Beebe seeks cover from Republicans on health care,” Arkansas News Bureau, 10/2/11)

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