Monday, February 14, 2011

Ghost from the Political Graveyard: Berry Continues

Editor's comment: Links & photo removed because they no longer available by the original source.

The Tolbert Report
: Well, it ain’t Congress but former Rep. Marion Berry has a new elected position as the chairman of the Arkansas County Democrats.  Here is a picture today of Berry at the state committee meeting for the Democratic Party of Arkansas.

They heard from Gov. Mike Beebe who apparently blamed the state’s problems on the Republicans, which is odd since they only had success on the state level in the recent election and are still in the minority.  They also heard from the only Arkansas Democrat in Congress, Rep. Mike Ross who pointed out that Democrats need to win over the independents to get elected.  No one can deny that strategy has worked well for him.

The meeting also officially elected Beebe’s choice for the party new chairman former state representative Will Bond who replaces outgoing chairman Todd Turner. . . . [Full Story]

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