Friday, November 5, 2010

History Was Made in Arkansas - Summary of Republican Election Victories

Katherine Vasilos, Republican Party of Arkansas: History was made Tuesday night in the state of Arkansas! The Republican Party would like to humbly thank you for the work you did, support you offered and votes you cast which allowed our vision for balance in government to become a tangible reality.

Today Arkansas is a becoming a two-party state. One United States Senator. Three out of four United States Congressmen. Three out of seven Constitutional Officers. Forty-four out of 100 State House Members and 15 out of 35 State Senators. Hundreds of Republicans elected to offices like Mayor, Justice of the Peace and City Council. Never in Arkansas’ history has the Republican Party held so many offices at so many different levels of government.

We also had a lot of firsts. John Thurston is the first Republican Land Commissioner elected since 1868. State Rep. Mark Martin is the first Republican to be elected Secretary of State since 1870. And Congressman Elect Rick Crawford is the first Republican to hold the First District seat since Reconstruction.

We congratulate U.S. Senator Elect John Boozman, 2 nd District Congressman Elect Tim Griffin, 3 rd District Congressman Elect Steve Womack, Lt. Governor Elect Mark Darr, and the 59 men and women who will represent you in our State Legislature.

Arkansas is a historically conservative state and the 2008 presidential election of liberal Democrat Barack Obama provoked every Natural State citizen to research and question the beliefs, principles and voting records of their representatives at the local, statewide and federal levels of government. The result – the largest number of Republican elected officials our state has ever seen!

Our work is not done. The Republican Party of Arkansas will strive to remain a conservative voice for your values, while working diligently to move our state and nation in the right direction. We will work for you, the electorate, and will never turn a blind eye when you ask for your voice to be heard!

2010 – The year we will never forget. This is the year our children and grandchildren will read about in textbooks. And it was you who helped make it happen.

Help us keep the momentum! 2010 is just the beginning of our journey to build a two-party system in Arkansas. Consider donating $20.10 to represent the year you elected the largest number of officials who embody your conservative values. The stakes have never been higher.

2010, the year we Painted Arkansas Red!

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