Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chad Causey: Washington Yes Man [Video] - Is He A Yes Man for a Radical Imam?

Chad Causey is an a Democrat yes man for Pelosi and Obama. For his entire employable life, he has been a democrat staffer and in the last few years as Chief of Staff for Marion Berry, he steered Berry's agenda for Nancy Pelosi. He knows nothing else in his life but living off of the public dole as a Washington insider. A life-long congressional staffer who took over $800,000 in taxpayer funded salary and benefits.

As reported by Congressional records, Causey was even funded by a radical Turkish Imam named Fathullah Gulen for a 10 day paid trip to Turkey to participate in training (indoctrination) in Turkey. In fact the the Gulen Movement adherents already have a foothold in Arkansas and currently run two schools called the Little Scholars of Arkansas  (LISA) academies, one in Little Rock and one in Sherwood, AR. Utah has already taken action to close one of the network's school.

If not elected, we cannot stop Causey from working for another progressive democrat pushing the Obama agenda or potentially lobbying and promoting the the above Imam's radical Muslim agenda. But we can stop him from doing so as a Congressman from the 1st District Arkansans.  We have a better option - Vote for Rick Crawford for Congress!

The  comments, although related, are solely independent of the additional facts presented by the producers of the following video

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